Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Hearts Day

We've had all sorts of heart-y fun in the past couple weeks getting ready for Valentine's Day. Colin is obsessed with using coffee filters, paper, tissue paper, anything fibrous he can get his hands on to make snowflakes and "heartflakes". I finally had to recycle a bunch when they threatened to take over every flat surface in the house. We've made and enjoyed all sorts of treats. Eamon's classmates got individual unique heart cookie pops to show his love and his teachers got matching tiny heart cookies. Colin pain-stakingly made 24 heart monsters out of googly eyes and pipecleaners, but I promptly forgot to take a photo of them since crafty time stretched WAY past bed time that night! Liam refused to make valentines for any of his classmates until AFTER Colin's were finished and then decided he HAD to make something. After an hour of indecision (very normal for him), I somehow convinced him to print out fold-your-own Valentine Airplanes for his friends (thank you, thank you!) which Liam deemed sufficiently manly for his tastes. I also made salted caramels for the big guys' teachers which, I have to admit, made for some very tasty leftovers! I think we are finally putting away the last of the glitter and pipecleaners and glue guns. At least until St. Patrick's Day when we'll start all over again!

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