Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gimme love, love, love, crafty love.

Valentine's Day has grown to be a well-loved holiday around here. Though, really any excuse to make crafts and treats is always well-received by the boys. Here's a glimpse of what we've been up to in the Love Month so far.

1. On a particularly spring-like day this week (temps in the 40s felt like summer to us!) the boys painted the town (okay the yard) red (okay, pink) with some spray bottles of food-coloring-tinted-water. I helped Colin make a heart.
2. Thanks to Clara, we USUALLY tell the boys to stay away from yellow snow but this time it was A-OK. Here is one of Liam's snow masterpieces.
3. The big boys LOVE their teachers and after this gift, who wouldn't love them back?
4. Colin perfected making hearts and I found them on scraps of paper all over the house.
5. Bestill my heart with treats.
6. Nothing says love like a mini chocolate chip cheesecake!
7. Liam loves marshmallows and Colin loves conversation hearts. I compromised by mixing the two together for the rice krispy treats for their school party.
8. Colin is obsessed with making books at the moment. Our stapler is thankfully out of staples but he uses copious amounts of scotch tape to bind a bunch of printer paper and spends hours on his literary art. This is his valentine gift for Chris and I: "The I Love You Book, by Colin". So sweet.
9. Two of the many pages of the books depicting Mom and Dad. He's also written two editions of "Colin's spy book" which details all of the things one must do to be an effective spy, including "Being quiet and tip-toeing".
10. Here is a sample of the butterfly valentines the big boys painstakingly made for their classmates. This is one that Liam slaved over for three days, perfecting every last inch with glitter, glue and buttons.
11. Colin concentrating diligently on making a necklace for his cousin David out of buttons. They are REALLY into crafting at the moment (I wonder where they get that from??) and many hours a day are spent in the throes of pen, paper, scissors and glue. Colin commented this week that he particularly likes the smell of Sharpie markers and hot glue. I was hoping to hold off on the big drug talk until at least kindergarten but I might have to have a chat about "huffing" sooner than I thought...
12. Two inchworm valentines inching along to tell the cousins how much our boys adore them.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fun with snow

While Christopher and I are rather sick of the snow (something happens after age 30 that just makes it annoying... could be all the shovelling and the 45 minutes it takes to de-ice our cars every morning). But the boys still LOVE the snow. They've been sledding every weekend and I haven't managed to get any videos of it, but today they made a mini snowman with their cousins and I figured it was time I documented some of their fun!