Friday, January 29, 2010

January Fun

Fun with Faces.
Sadie has been particularly into giggling and sticking her tongue out right now! She is such a happy baby and it has become an Olympic sport around here for the boys to compete against each other to get her to laugh at them!

Fun with Photos.

Fun with Food.
I'd seen this idea all over the internet and the boys were thrilled to try it. If you need to keep them busy for a while just give them some dry spaghetti and hot dogs and walk away! Plus, it was good counting practice for Liam because we put exactly 10 strands in each section in order to keep track of the carbs for Eamon. Colin LOVES to be involved in cooking, but hates to eat new foods so he was relieved that it was two old stand-bys and nothing strange or new to try!

Fun: miscellaneous edition.

See if you can match the photos above with the the following descriptions of fun that was eeked out in this chilly, cabin-feverish month: (don't forget you can click on the collage to make it bigger!)

1. Fun with kitty ears 2. Fun with swords 3. Fun with Mary Jane tights 4. Fun with stickers 5. Fun with sunglasses and dryer sheets 6. Fun with drool 7. Fun with baby beds 8. Fun with self-portraits 9. Fun with Baby Camouflage (you can barely find Sadie in her new seat. Pink and Brown are apparently the trendy baby colors this year!) 10. Fun with your sister's head 11. Fun with missing teeth! 12. Fun with sleepy baby 13. Fun with Mommy's camera

Friday, January 15, 2010

Smiley and Sicky

The good news of the week is that Sadie has been as happy and smiley as ever! So far, she really seems to know her birth order and realizes that life in Chaos is a mix between the Triage room in an ER and Darwin's Survival of the Fittest. Whoever yells loudest, swings hardest and/or has the lowest blood sugar gets first dibs on the parental attention and so on... luckily she is very laid back and easy-going most of the time. Until she wants to eat...and then she does generally yell the loudest! (Eamon hits the hardest, Colin bleeds the fastest and Liam pouts the longest. Just in case you're keeping score).

Here's Mr. Lip himself... but he had good reason to be unhappy because the bad news of the week is that he had a bout with Fifth Disease and spent Monday through Wednesday lounging around the house with a fever of 104. Then he felt better... and the rash came on. (The photo above is just the first day.... it got worse!) After a full week out of school for Christmas, another full week off because of water problems at his preschool and the better part of this week home with a fever... he was getting QUITE bored with Mama. We have played a LOT of Wii this week. And read a LOT of books. And watched FAR too much TV. He's got his spark back now and seems no worse for wear and most of all... he got to go to school yesterday and see his girlfriend Madisyn so he was thrilled.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Time flies

I'm already a week behind, Sadie is now a whopping SEVEN weeks. It feels like she was born yesterday and like we've always had her... all at the same time!

Coincidence? I think not!

I promised the boys we'd make a gingerbread house but we never got to it before Christmas. So, better late than never, we spent the better part of a day making, rolling, cutting, baking, building, decorating, and eating our annual gingerbread house! Somewhere between the "Before" and "After" photos, Liam lost his first tooth! Do you think the 65 lbs of candy he ate while constructing his side of the gingerbread house might have had SOMETHING to do with it?? He told me: "I don't care at all about the tooth, I just want the dollar from the Tooth Fairy!" He was not disappointed!

12 Cousins

It's getting harder every year to fit them all in one frame!

Friday, January 1, 2010