Saturday, January 29, 2011

What to do when the snow is up to your neck

We took the kids out for the first time on snow shoes this season and they did very well. It got dark very quickly so we had to beat it out of there in a rush to get back to the car. Next time we'll leave more time for enjoying the scenery (and some hot chocolate. The boys really only seem to care about the hot chocolate at the end of every wintery escapade.)

Liam watching darkness fall, very quickly.

Sadie still walks like a slightly drunken sailor. Although she has started to pick up speed lately, she's still not ready for her own snow shoes. She got to ride on my back, but boy, is she getting hefty! I took one header into the snow and with her pulling me head first into a drift, I was glad Chris was with us to pull her off me so I could dig myself out!

Eamon did GREAT! The snow is probably at least neck high on him now so after a few missteps initially, he was a happy little trekker.

Colin taking a wee rest before we packed it in for the return trip.

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