Saturday, March 29, 2014

Winter miscellany

Random photos I've found on my phone in the last few months...
Eamon and his new light-up chess set. Today, after we froze solid after an early spring hike in the never-melting snow, he played it under the covers in bed. 

Another favorite Christmas gift for Mr. Magic

Littlest bookworm

11/12 cousins at the yearly New Years photo!

This child LOVES sushi!

Puppy love.

Sadie trying her hand at gymnastics this year.

Dressed and ready for his first gymnastics meet.

Une fille parisenne in her new clothes brought all the way home from Paris by Uncle Michael, Auntie Mare and her cousins.

Fairy bear

It's been a long, cold winter and this Eskimo girl is trying hard to stay warm

Spring is coming, right? Let's hope this is the last snowball fight for a while!

Is Spring ever going to arrive?

Who cares?! I'm cozy in my scarf and hat!

Liam's team came in first place in one of their meets. He did so great at the State Championship, he is going to Regionals in April! 

It's hard to be a dog. I need as many pillows as I can get.

So happy that her bike came out of storage!

Eamon is happy tear off down the road himself. The Bigs took off so fast I couldn't even get a photo of them.

Trying out Liam's slackline. He just couldn't wait until the ground cleared, so we gave in and put it up hoping the two feet of snow would cushion the falls a little. 

Liam wanted to give snowboarding a try. He hated his lesson because it was "too slow" but once we took the lift up the mountain, he was in all of his glory.

After 4 kids and 11 years, I was afraid I wouldn't remember how to ski, but it's just like riding a bike, no problem!

Finally take a break after a long day on the slopes.

The little couple, always together, always on each other's nerves.

But sometimes actually two little sweet peas in a pod.

Snow, beautiful snow, never-ending snow, when will it stop snowing?

Little pouty cold girl

Boys will be boys

It's not fun if it's not dangerous

Peace out man!

Teaching his sister the fine art of eating only clean snow.

If the snow is never going to leave, at least we'll enjoy it while it lasts!

Old girl still acts like a puppy in the snow.

Insolent little beast.

Minute to win it

The boys' school had a fund raiser for moms and boys that was a big hit in our house! Liam chose his Friday night gymnastics practice, but the other boys competed against me at a number of crazy activities. We shook our "caboose" to empty balls out of tissue boxes tied to our backs in "Junk in the Trunk" and balanced dice on popsicle sticks between our teeth in "A Bit Dicey" and tried to get tic tacs through a tennis racket with tweazers in "Tweaze Me". We had a blast!

Colin has a future as a World Champion cup stacker in "Stack Attack"

Eamon absolutely destroyed his big brother in the "Magic Carpet Ride"

Winter Sports 2014

Liam was invited to join the gymnastics team and had his first meet in January.

He's gotten better and better with each meet!

Who would have thought that a 30 second routine could cause such heart-stopping action?

He is a master on the rings!

Colin decided to play indoor soccer for the winter.

Non-stop action, no time outs, just hard-core soccer

Master defender.

Teammate cheers.