Saturday, November 29, 2014

Summer Fun Canobie Lake Park edition

All ready for the rides!

Eamon is bummed he's not tall enough for the same rides as his brothers so he's stuck taking his sister on the "baby" rides.

High on the ferris wheel

He doesn't seem to mind the height

Way above the park

Posing with her winnings

Finally a ride he can get his aggressions out on!

She looks cute but she's a vicious bumper!

Liam getting ready for the Star Blaster drop from space which no one else in our family could even attempt.

We stayed from open to close. We like to get our money's worth! 

Not so little sister anymore

One day Liam and Sadie were sitting in the way back of the car and Liam asked for some napkins for his bloody  nose. We didn't think much of it until we got home and it came out that Sadie punched him in the face. Liam wasn't upset, in fact he admitted he deserved it by bugging her incessantly. I think he was mostly proud she actually popped him hard enough  to draw blood. 

The best thing about siblings is that they forgive each other pretty much immediately. Moments after their tussle, Sadie followed her big brother right into what she thought was a little puddle. Payback by Liam? The jury is still out. 

It will be a while until she's as big as her brothers, but she's not going to wait until then to follow them wherever they go.

Getting back up on her feet, either way.

Eamon's 7th birthday

Eamon LOVES roller blading so of course he chose to have his birthday party at Roll On America. Skating, laser tag, cupcakes, game shows and friends, what's not to love??!
Eamon and his buddies Travis and Travis

Seven for seven amazing years!

Look at all that loot from the prize counter. What a great birthday!

Soccer stars

Little Miss has her first soccer practice!

Eamon's an old pro by now

Because I can't get one half-decent photo without letting them get out all the crazy ones first

He's learning all new tricks this year, thanks to his biggest brother who helps him out on the side

Five years out

5 years into diabetes and he's still kicking butt!

With attitude!

Easter 2014

Easter Photo Part I: Best behavior

Easter Photo Part II: The Usual Suspects

I get by with a little help from my friends (or brother!)

Sadie can always find a brother to help her when she needs a hand

Getting there

She has a better chance to get help when she looks this cute

Two fairy ballerina princesses

Silly, silly Sadie

I don't even know what to say about this one!

Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons (No, we don't let her watch Game of Thrones!)

Reptile girl roaming the yard

Lounging in the hammock

Celebrating her half birthday at Rose 32

Making his stage debut

Colin chose to be in his school play and got two parts: Chief Cameahwait, the brother of Sacagawea and also Abraham Lincoln. How's that for some diverse acting skills? 

The Chief from a very, very grainy distance.

Honest Abe and his wife, Mary, chatting about the Emancipation Proclamation.

Fridays in Boston

Liam has started a long path to orthodontics. So every month or so we spend a Friday in Boston getting his checkup and we try to find something fun to do afterwards. This month we went to the New England Aquarium.
Hanging out at my Alma Mater.

Hanging with Bill Russell (or at least his statue) at City Hall

Hanging with Samuel Adams

Maybe not the most appropriate lunch stop for kids.

But the waiters took it easy on us.

But Colin chose Dick's Last Resort solely for a big burger.

Liam was less than thrilled with the food and his hat.

Penguins on parade

Her brothers dragged her to Sharks in 3D

After reaching for the fish swimming before her eyes until she almost fell out of her seat, she promptly fell asleep.

Shark attack!

On the water

Virtual snowboarding at the Museum of Science the same weekend.

Giant Operation. Would you trust these guys as your surgeon?

Liam always finds something to climb on. Usually he doesn't choose pus-filled pimples and moles, but this skin climbing wall was the best he could find.