Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Littlest Elf

She may have hit 9 lbs this week, but she still has spindly little elf legs in those tights! And she might look more like a garden gnome than elf maybe?

The Bearded One Cometh

Poor Sadie... just doesn't look very comfortable! But didn't seem any worse for wear either...

Sadie has been smiling some, but I can never catch one on film while she's awake! She slept through her brothers opening gifts (including hers!) but seemed happy enough about it!

The very first thing Liam said when he perused his pile of gifts was "Oh, it doesn't look like there is a two-wheel scooter... maybe next year..." Boy, was he thrilled when that seemingly boring rectangular box did INDEED reveal a two-wheel scooter! Now, if only spring would come so he could use it!

Eamon helped Sadie with her gifts, but as usual, he was the last one to open his own. Once the playdough kitchen came out, he was done for the day and just wanted to play!

Santa's bag was packed full of Legos and Colin has been in heaven building up a storm ever since!

Christmas Eve

Santa stopped by Uncle Mikey's house to see if the boys were being good. They were great that night, but it didn't necessarily make up for a year of "oopsies". Liam looked down-right terrified when Santa checked his list to see if he had been Naughty or Nice. He was relieved when Santa told him that he knew ALL ABOUT the time Liam cut open our feather comforter with scissors, releasing a veritable blizzard in our bedroom. He seemed a little TOO pleased to tell everyone what he had done! Colin didn't feel much better when he realized Santa knows every time he hides food he doesn't want around the house... including the bagel he hid in his shoe drawer. Of course, Santa didn't help matters much by saying that he loves bagels and would be happy to have Colin's scraps in the future... now when Colin doesn't want to eat something on his plate (every day), he pretty much figures Santa will eat it for him. Eamon somehow got away scot-free for all the things he has done this year which is pretty impressive if you add them all up! Turns out they were all good enough to get presents after all.... who knew??? Of course, Sadie has been perfect so far but I venture to say that by this time next year, she'll have some escapades under her belt too!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's a girl!!

Sadie Catherine was born at 6:29pm on Saturday November 21st, 2009 weighing in at 8 lbs 3oz and 19.5 inches long.

She is quite the Diva already... waiting a full week after her due date to be fashionably late and then being extremely impatient with the whole process and practically being born in the car! Thanks to Chris' Formula One driving skills and the fact that the cop we passed doing 85 in a 30 didn't bother to stop us, we did make it to the hospital with about 9 minutes to spare!

Her brothers are extremely enamored with her and even crazy Eamon is in love and amazingly gentle! And even though it's taken 5 weeks to get this blog post actually updated with some words... things are going very well, even though it does seem to take an extra hour to get us all out of the house these days!

Sadie's First Day

Her coming home outfit!

Love those cheeks!

First time wearing pink (it seems to have infiltrated every inch of the house by now!) The boys love those panda feet!
The first time the boys got to hold her!
Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, leave me alone already!

Big eyes (we think they MIGHT turn brown!), milk drunk, are you looking at me?, this hand is tasty! I love all the newborn funny looks.