Saturday, June 26, 2010

Guess That Baby!

It's that time again. You guessed it, it's time for the Guess That Baby game! People are constantly telling me that all the kids look so much alike and that Sadie is just a mini pink copy of her brothers. So, I went through some old photos to see just how true it is! I had to convert them to black and white or else it would be too easy, though. The pink clothes and being the only kiddo with my brown eyes made picking Sadie out less of a challenge. Try your hand at it and see how you do. I'm actually getting a little confused on a few of them, but I think I've got it down.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

A very belated entry for Father's Day. I meant to post this on Sunday and bam! It's already Thursday again. The days do tend to fly by around here. We went out for fondue on Father's Day which Chris and I really enjoyed. The boys mostly enjoyed using their long fondue forks as weapons and begrudgingly tried a bite of each course so they could have the pleasure of the chocolate fondue dessert course. They had no real interest in the melted cheese but they did nosh on lots of apples and chunks of bread. Not surprisingly, they all ended up very chocolatey and somehow Sadie's car seat was also doused in melted chocolate, but the only really important thing was that Daddy enjoyed it! We've mostly run out of things to buy for him since he either doesn't wish for anything or gets it himself, so we had to resort to secret crafty doings and took the photos on top for him to show off on his desk at work. Nothing spells love like D-A-D!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summertime? Time for the Farm Stand!

Our first trip to the local farm stand means sun hats, moo cows, roosters, baby goats, fuzzy bunnies, the playground, ice cream, friends and fun!

Sleepy girl

Sadie has a knack for playing wonderfully all day and then suddenly snoozing wherever she may lay. Just this week alone, these are the places I have discovered her napping when moments before she was happily cackling and cooing. It is HARD work being a baby. All that eating (I'd forgotten this stage where cheerios find their way into every nook and cranny of our house), sitting up (here she just fell over backwards when she fell asleep and stayed there) and bouncing really make a growing girl tired! Luckily she is easy to transfer to her crib and she is seeming to enjoy it up there in her little pink slice of Heaven these days. From Day One she had been sleeping in the kitchen while her minions ran circles around her but as she outgrew her baby swing, we started using her crib for naps. At first she wasn't used to the quiet up there, but once we gave her Eamon's old noise machine, she is doing a lot better sleeping in her crib during the day. And a well-rested girl is a happy girl. Most people have never heard her cry or fuss at all and don't believe she ever does. You'll have to trust me on this: she DOES have her moments, but they are few and far between.

Fun doesn't cost a thing

Sadie doesn't seem terribly impressed by her crazy half-naked brother trying to entertain her. What she is really interested in is systematically eating the Scooby Doo book that Eamon left near her.

Sitting up straight all day doesn't cost a dime and keeps girly happy without fail!

The negligible cost of some cork boards and rubber bands keeps the kids busy FOR HOURS. Here you can almost make out the boys' names that Eamon and I made as we practiced the alphabet together. It was only after Colin came home from school and saw it that he noticed we forgot Sadie. Oops. It's sometimes still hard to remember the keep going after we say "the boys". She doesn't seem any worse for it thus far though. :)

It's amazing how a few items around the house can keep them enthralled for so long!
Shapes and letter and designs, oh my!

A quiet child is a priceless child.

Teacher Appreciation

It's that time of year again! The little boys spent many an hour in the past week painting and fashioning gifts for their teachers. This is Liam's last year of preschool before he starts Kindergarten in the fall, but luckily Eamon still has two more years to go before he is officially a "big kid", at least in my eyes (he will beg to differ, I'm sure). In the middle, you can see one of the gifts Colin made for his teachers. We're hoping Liam gets the same Kindergarten teacher next year as well. The same one I had, and Uncle Mark had and Auntie Kelly had. (Uncle Mikey is too old to have gone to kindergarten!)

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pool time

We had our first outing at the pool for the year and the boys (and their cousins) had a great day. Sadie wasn't terribly impressed with the water yet (although she does love her bath) and she managed to sleep through most of the ruckus around her which is pretty normal. The louder the better for her napping, we've learned. Eamon stuck closer to me, hence the plethora of pictures, while the big boys never stopped moving for a moment (hence the scarcity of pictures). I've been debating signing the big guys up for swim lessons but since Colin can swim the length of the pool underwater already, I'm not sure he needs them until he's old enough to be a lifeguard! Liam is convinced he can swim as well as Colin but we've found he still very much likes being able to put his feet down when he needs to, so as much as he laments this, he is relegated to the shallow end unless he has some floatation help! I have a feeling by the end of summer, that may well change though!