Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

This happens to be Spirit Week at the boys' school. As far as I can figure, it's a way to get them all revved up and super hyper just prior to February Vacation when they'll be home with us all week wreaking even more havoc than usual! Today was the long-awaited Wacky Wednesday. The boys weren't very receptive to any of my suggestions and stuck to some pretty tame outfits, at least in my opinion! Backwards shirt, old wind pants, three ties, mismatched shoes and a superhero cape are really not that different from the way he normally dresses (at least if left to his own devices!) The hair is completely average, non-wacky-day Liam too.

Colin chose his own things as well and took little or no direction from me. He tends to care more if he is matched and "appropriate" than Liam does on a regular day. So it was a big departure for him to wear his shirt inside out and backwards, one shoe, one slipper, a knight's helmet and his brother's favorite flame belt over one shoulder (a la Chewbacca, of course). The snow glasses were my suggestion, so he finally submitted to a little bit of coaching, but refused to go too crazy! He thought the lilac colored corduroys were completely over the top. I don't even know how he came by lilac cords to begin with... I think they must be cousin hand-me-downs that faded in the wash?? He normally REFUSES to wear them so I was happy just to get him into them at all!

Liam, who normally is still fighting with his mittens, has forgotten his backpack and must resort to RUNNING FULL TILT to get to the bus stop on time any other day, was so excited about Wacky Wednesday that he got ready so early he decided to lay back and take a little nap while waiting for Colin to get the last of his things together. I should let him choose his own outfits every day, he might be on time once in a while!

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