Sunday, February 27, 2011

More sickness rears its ugly head

Although we're not exactly "good as new" yet, Chris and I are finally back among the land of the living at least. Just in time for Little Miss to get a fever of 104. Normally, she never cares about even looking at the TV screen (unless it's the Muppet Show and then she dances and cackles like crazy when the opening number comes on!) But this is what ensues when Daddy says: "Who wants to watch a Ninja movie with me?" Two boys and a little sickly girl took him up on it. Although she certainly stays still a lot more like this, I hope she's back to her usual feisty self soon enough.

Not quite spring, but fun with puddles anyway

The nasty winter germs have set in and although the boys have been hacking away, they don't seem any worse for wear. Chris and I, on the other hand, have felt terrible for the past two weeks. I finally seemed to turn the corner this weekend and took Eamon for a walk. It wasn't exactly "warm" out, but Eamon thought it was warm enough for only one glove (I have no idea how he comes to these conclusions, but who am I to argue?) He also found that it was warm enough for some of the ice to melt into puddles and definitely used them to their full potential. He already told me that he "can't wait for springtime so there are more puddles for puddle-jumping!" March is almost here so he may get his wish sometime soon.

Blackmail photos

Here's Liam with his self-described "bow tie." He has always been a very literal child!

Some kind of warped Velveteen Rabbit? (Yes, those ARE Sadie's polka dotted tights)

What?!?! I don't think this is a funny outfit. Why do you keep laughing?
(Note the lack of sock on one foot too. I couldn't make up this stuff if I tried!)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Photography by Eamon, Part II

Five minutes, 107 photos later. This week, Eamon was really into detail views, close-ups and his two female Muses, one furry and one fleecy.

A self-portrait, by the artist himself.

A close up of the rug by the back door.

First hint of spring.

Sister, in shadows. Calling redial.
(A popular subject. Probably half the 107 photos were of Sadie)

Mama and Sister.

Cat, an aerial study.

Super close-up of Clara's paw. Through glass.

The photographer's furry Muse.
(The majority of the photos that weren't of Sadie were of Clara.)

Dog breath condensation.
Has anyone else really studied in this much detail before?

Dog drool, caught in motion.
Inspiring stuff to a 3 year old.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

This happens to be Spirit Week at the boys' school. As far as I can figure, it's a way to get them all revved up and super hyper just prior to February Vacation when they'll be home with us all week wreaking even more havoc than usual! Today was the long-awaited Wacky Wednesday. The boys weren't very receptive to any of my suggestions and stuck to some pretty tame outfits, at least in my opinion! Backwards shirt, old wind pants, three ties, mismatched shoes and a superhero cape are really not that different from the way he normally dresses (at least if left to his own devices!) The hair is completely average, non-wacky-day Liam too.

Colin chose his own things as well and took little or no direction from me. He tends to care more if he is matched and "appropriate" than Liam does on a regular day. So it was a big departure for him to wear his shirt inside out and backwards, one shoe, one slipper, a knight's helmet and his brother's favorite flame belt over one shoulder (a la Chewbacca, of course). The snow glasses were my suggestion, so he finally submitted to a little bit of coaching, but refused to go too crazy! He thought the lilac colored corduroys were completely over the top. I don't even know how he came by lilac cords to begin with... I think they must be cousin hand-me-downs that faded in the wash?? He normally REFUSES to wear them so I was happy just to get him into them at all!

Liam, who normally is still fighting with his mittens, has forgotten his backpack and must resort to RUNNING FULL TILT to get to the bus stop on time any other day, was so excited about Wacky Wednesday that he got ready so early he decided to lay back and take a little nap while waiting for Colin to get the last of his things together. I should let him choose his own outfits every day, he might be on time once in a while!

The Return of the Queen of Hearts

This was Little Miss last year on Valentine's Day in one of her many Heart Outfits.

And here she is on Valentine's Day this year.
A lot more mobile.
A lot more verbal.
And quite the shoe collector (red ruffles, who could pass those up!?!)

Wishful Thinking

We heard the latest gossip that the Groundhog did NOT see his shadow, so we're hoping the snow melts sometime before Independence Day. Eamon has the same ideas, I guess, because I sent him off to get dressed early last week and he came out of his room wearing this get-up (and then refused to stand on both feet because "I can balance forever if you want!")

The next day we got even more snow, and so he dressed like THIS. We did have a warm day this week (in the 40s!) but the deep freeze returned shortly after. Liam is thrilled, the changing temps have made the driveway a veritable ice rink and he's been BEGGING me to take him skating (really he asked us to MAKE an ice rink in the backyard, but that is just not going to happen). This morning as I gingerly picked my way across the ice flows trying to walk the boys to the bus stop without falling (for the umpteenth time this winter), Liam did his absolute BEST to slip and slide and fall down. It's easier to pick yourself back up when 1) you're only a few feet off the ground anyway and 2) you were born a daredevil. We'll give it a few more weeks to see if Punxsutawny Phil is right after all.

Happy Hearts Day

We've had all sorts of heart-y fun in the past couple weeks getting ready for Valentine's Day. Colin is obsessed with using coffee filters, paper, tissue paper, anything fibrous he can get his hands on to make snowflakes and "heartflakes". I finally had to recycle a bunch when they threatened to take over every flat surface in the house. We've made and enjoyed all sorts of treats. Eamon's classmates got individual unique heart cookie pops to show his love and his teachers got matching tiny heart cookies. Colin pain-stakingly made 24 heart monsters out of googly eyes and pipecleaners, but I promptly forgot to take a photo of them since crafty time stretched WAY past bed time that night! Liam refused to make valentines for any of his classmates until AFTER Colin's were finished and then decided he HAD to make something. After an hour of indecision (very normal for him), I somehow convinced him to print out fold-your-own Valentine Airplanes for his friends (thank you, thank you!) which Liam deemed sufficiently manly for his tastes. I also made salted caramels for the big guys' teachers which, I have to admit, made for some very tasty leftovers! I think we are finally putting away the last of the glitter and pipecleaners and glue guns. At least until St. Patrick's Day when we'll start all over again!