Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Little Ones Play Dress-Up.

One day while the big guys were at school, I took the Littles, as they are known, to get their photos done. Although you'll have to wait for Colin and Liam to complete the full effect of the Halloween theme (it's not much of a theme without Peter Pan and Captain Hook!), the Littles did enjoy hamming it up for the camera!

Name that cat.

We got a new kitty this week and we're hoping he sticks around longer than our last cat! We haven't come up with a name for him yet, but Eamon did come up with a way to trap him so that he can't get down into the cellar while I'm doing laundry. (That's how Poppy escaped and met her demise at the hands (paws?) of a coyote or fisher cat or at least that's what we figure happened). Hopefully Nameless Cat has a long happy life here in Casa Chaos.

Walk This Way

Another year, another walk! Thank you to everyone who donated and walked with us to raise money for JDRF! Team Eamon raised almost $3000 and despite the cold, we had a lot of fun!

The big guys enjoyed some Sharks hockey practice after the walk and Eamon accessorized his team shirt with a monster truck tie, a pirate kerchief and a knight's helmet but mellowed out to end the night with some one-on-one Daddy time learning to strum his guitar. Good day, good cause, good times!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Better late than never...

A month late and some words short, but we do have some photos to show for a weekend jaunt to Mystic. The boys enjoyed the aquarium, but really LOVED the Seaport and were in all their glory pretending to be sailor boys and whaling captains. Though they also loved jumping on the beds in the crappy motel room we rented, the outdoor pool there and the prepackaged, somewhat stale continental breakfast the next morning... so their sense of fun is not all that highbrow after all!