Sunday, September 28, 2008

Running Away To Join The Circus

One of my favorite blogs to read is Mommy's Martini, not ONLY for the name itself (though that would be enough) but for many and varied other reasons as well. This week there is a chance to win some tickets to Ringling Bros. circus if we blog about our kids' ideas regarding the big top. Christopher and I have been talking about bringing the kids to Ringling Bros. for the first time, since it's in our area the week of Colin's 5th birthday in November. So, as fate would have it, we're feeling a little lucky like we have a chance of winning this (random) contest. Thus far, the only circus the boys really remember is a shoddy traveling production that makes the rounds here every year, consisting of mangy animals (and the requisite cruelty-to-animal protesters at the gates), out of shape aerial performers, a lackluster dog show and one lonely elephant and horse. Oh, and Lucco the clown, or "The Italian clown" as Colin is wont to call him. This year, Chris took the bigger boys and they had fun... albeit the generator died part-way through the first act and they had just as much fun hitting a tennis ball around the nearby courts until two pick-up trucks pointed their headlights into the tent so the performers could wrap it up and call it an early night. The good news is: it doesn't take much to entertain and amaze our boys. The bad news is: they don't know the extent of magic that a "real" circus can provide to a young tot. We'll be crossing our fingers that they'll soon find out--in person!

Ringmaster Colin's pictorial view of the Circus. Clockwise from top left: "A dog show"; "A Clown with huge shoes"; "a Jumping Horse"; "an Elephant" (trunk on left, tail on right, he pleads with me to add); "a box of Popcorn" and "A Light-up Sword" (both items that Daddy did NOT buy for him at the local circus event, but he's hoping that next time we bring "enough money to get tickets AND treats.") Not bad for a 4 year old. In my biased opinion. I asked Liam to draw what he liked about the circus, to which he replied: "I like the clowns. But Colin draws better than me, ask him to do it". He's a born manager, this kid--even at age 3.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


We had our traditional apple-picking adventure last weekend which was a lot of fun. Good friends, good food, apple pie, cheese and wine (and not too much whine). What's not to love?

Colin, Liam and Sam twirling before we got started.

Eamon actually kept climbing INTO the wagon. He is super into buckling right now and will buckle and unbuckle ad nauseum for hours.

Colin was proud he could shimmy up a little this year.

Liam and Sam found a gargantuan fuzzy caterpillar in the orchard.

He's a good worker, this one.

And HE'S a good eater!

To the victor go the spoils.

Finn and Harry's birthday party topped out a great weekend. Eamon and Daddy cuddling on the couch.

Eamon stole the arrows from Harry's set and wielded them with glee. Thankfully they're nurf.

Colin loads his weapon of choice.

I'd be a little more nervous looking down Liam's pistol barrel if his smile wasn't so cute!

Colin and his Doppelganger. He came home from school with this treasure last week. I was impressed by his very realistic replica, down to the bugs on his shirt and the N on his New Balance sneakers!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We're very light on pictures from last week as mostly I just did the Driving Dance: preschool drop-off, pick up, off to tennis lessons, switch off, pick up, drop-off, work, switch off, pick up, drop-off, work... I should start blogging the weeks purely in miles. The boys are loving school, I'm enjoying having more "one-on-two" time with them (as Eamon is still a force to be reckoned with) and work hasn't killed me yet, though it has left us all with colds. I think we're finally settling into the new schedule. The boys made up for the lack of photos with some artwork so here it is.

Liam found a great rock while we were out walking and, being Liam, threw it with all his might on the road where it split exactly in half. He loved it all the more then and thought it looked just like two footprints (Colin thought it looked like lungs!) and proceeded to make fingerpaint prints with them.

Liam made a portrait of me at school.

And Colin made a portrait of himself.

Because being home with Mom is way more boring than school, the boys are always trying to find some new games to play. "We have no good toys or games" Colin tells me from the playroom, where one can barely walk amid the legions of all the apparently crappy toys and games. I told them to make up their own game. Which they nicely did: "Shield Ball" with a Ben&Jerry's ball and the lid to a trashcan. Fun was had by all and actually, for once, nothing got broken.

Colin brought home an ancient Elmo spinning light from Grammy's that he got back when he was 1 and we brought him to see Elmo. "Look!", he said, crouched down on the kitchen floor, "it's a ceiling fan for a mouse!"

Some more great quotes from the week:

Colin: "Uh, mom, why doesn't Curious George have a tail? I thought monkeys need tails to swing from trees?"
Me: "He must."
Colin, providing picture from book: "See?"

Me: "Um, yeah, well... I dunno". If I didn't think he was actually testing me to see if I knew about prehensile appendages, I would have tried to come up with something. But let's face it, he's smarter than me.

Liam, was playing with Eamon's baby baseball toy which cheered for him after a good hit: "You got a double!"

Liam: "Mom, I got a devil! Just like Eamon is!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day Leisure

Our last true days of summer ended on a high note. With a day of rest, a day of BBQs (and new shoes!) and a day of pure bliss, we were ready to start back-to-school week. We enjoyed going into the "city" for a party. However, I must say, as lovely as it was, and as much as we sometimes miss the cultured metropolitan life... I love our big back yard. And my ability to say, when the big boys get on my nerves (as they often do): "Go outside and play!" and have it be so simple.

Monday was literally the perfect day. Not a cloud in the sky, breezy enough to be comfortable and just hint that fall is coming. We took the boys out bike-riding which they loved, to the playground, to Calico and Creme for the very last day of home-made pie and icecream of the summer, and to Grammy's to swim. Who could ask for more?

On Tuesday my big boys went off to school. I was rather broken up about Liam going to his first day of preschool but he marched in with Daddy like a champ and didn't look back. Colin was thrilled to be back as well and as I drove him in and he asked what day it was, he exclaimed: "Good thing I'm going back to school after summer vacation, I forgot all the days of the week!" Liam is convinced that "MY Miss Linda" is his teacher while Colin has "HIS Miss Linda" and never the twain shall meet. I shudder to think what he'll do when he really grasps that "they" are one and the same.

The Boys. Dressed to kill for preschool orientation day. (It's also just easier to do a headcount when I know they are all dressed the same!)

King of the Playground.

Notice that the boys dress themselves. Colin for the weather. Liam, not so much.

What a difference a summer makes. In June Colin still had to use floaties, now he is officially a "swimmer" and loves to dive down to the bottom of the pool to retrieve things.

First Day of School!

Aww, they meet up at swap time. (Liam goes in the morning and Colin in the afternoon so all day I get to have only two boys at home which makes life extremely easy, you know, comparatively.)