Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sadie's first haircut

I could only bear the tiniest of trims to even out her baby hair because I was scared to cut all her curls off. She loved it, though.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dog Days of Summer


Look, ma! No floaties!
Ah, naptime in the pool.
So confident, he can leap from the edge!
Catching air!

Hanging with Calvin

Cutest guy ever.
Colin always loves to goof and make the little ones laugh!
Sadie and her boyfriend, Calvin.

Boston bonanza

The artist hoping he can show some painting in public one day too.
Why go anywhere else when they love riding the T more than anything?
Big bug and little bug.
Practicing good dental hygiene on some creepily large teeth.
Block builders.
Wishing he could jump on board the Duck Tour.
Trying to sneak behind the bar at the Black Rose.
Very large macaroni? 
Lunch out with Rhaana who is visiting from London. She was mildly horrified by exchanging her one boy for our brood, but she braved us all afternoon and brought gifts to boot!
Always together, these two!

Father's Day Fun

Always dressed to the nines, even when playing in the dirt.
Bungee cord trampoline. Liam's version of heaven.
Eamon was nervous to try. So his little sister showed him how it's done.
Never letting a dress hold her back.
Jumpy basketball queen.
Finally mastered a back flip!
Batter up!
Given his druthers, Daddy may not have chosen Mini Golf and batting cages for his big day, but he was game to play nonetheless.
Little dude finally finds the courage to do it!

Ecotarium excursion

All the boys are chess masters. The biggest problem here was keeping random other kids from interrupting their strategic moves.
Spider in his web.
Bubble action
The bigger the better!
Colin encased in bubble.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

More Flags More Fun!

Six Flags with his big cousins sounded great. Until Eamon realized that he couldn't go on any of the big kid rides. Here he is enjoying the kiddie ferris wheel though.
Any kind of car, train, monster truck ride was right up his alley.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Farmland Revisited