Sunday, January 5, 2014

Feels balmy, let's play in the snow.

Twenty degrees is beach weather compared to the -15 for the past few days!

So hot, I can't even keep a hat on.

Face plant.

Too powdery for snowballs, but snow storm instead.

Why he won't agree to go snowboarding on a real mountain, I can never understand.

Even outdoors, we can't escape from minecraft.

Doesn't matter how warm or cold it is, hot cocoa is always welcome.

Cooling it down with some snow.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas 2013

Eamon, the cutest little star. 

His brothers grudgingly took their places in the choir, but this little star enjoyed being front and center, even though his sugar was super low and at one point he almost fell asleep against the manger. 

At the pre-mass pageant rehearsal. The first of three hours in church on Christmas Eve. 

And not long before she curled up on the floor and fell asleep.

Jake looking to see if Santa was at the door yet. 

A little portion of Michael and Mare's amazing tree. 

Jake was on the Nice List. 

So was Eamon!

Santa's helpers. 

Colin made the good list too.

Liam was iffy but made it. 

Sadie was definitely on the naughty list.

A little elf hard at work.

Sadie getting a hand from Finn since she still doesn't love being too close to Santa.

Yes, this IS the best of the photos Harry let me catch.

Almost all the grandkids. 

Our own little tree.

But still plenty of room for all those gifts.

Lego + Minecraft = the perfect recipe for Colin's happiness.

Happy about his Sterling Gym sweatshirt.

Minecraft was the theme this year, for sure.

A girl can never have too much lip gloss. 

Oh... is that... it's.... an.... iPod!!! Someone must have been good this year.