Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Halloween--Snow Edition

The biggest trick of trick-or-treating was that there WAS no trick-or-treating due to the two feet of snow that got dumped on us. While the kids waited for it to be re-scheduled, they had a blast playing in the snow. And despite 5 days with no electricity, water or heat, we managed to have some fun.

I didn't actually have time to find the real winter clothing so they have mishmash of what we could gather.

Except for Liam who doesn't seem to feel the cold and refused to wear anything beyond pajama pants.
Sadie's first REAL love of snow. Last year she liked it, but didn't really GET it. This year, she's thrilled!

Panda face!

Daddy's Send-off Weekend 2011

We went into Boston to stay over before Chris started his new job. His home office is in the Hancock Towers, but he had to leave us for four weeks of training so we went in to have some fun and see him off. I always find it so amusing what the kids come up with to do to amuse themselves. We did spend some time at the Museum of Science, but the next day, with all the options at their finger tips, they chose to spend three hours running around the Public Gardens. They had fun and it was free, so a winner all around!

Museum of Science preschool room kept Eamon busy while Colin and Daddy checked out the Pompeii exhibit

Boy, in his natural habitat

My crew

Trying to escape Mt. Vesuvius

We can all squeeze into one hotel room. Sorta.

It is a bit crowded for some.

But as long as there's a TV, he's happy

Little Miss had a cough and would NOT go to sleep

City slickers

Wandering the Public Gardens

Before the snow took the autumn leaves away

Metropolitan Miss

Endless fun feeding the ducks and geese. Thank goodness I always have a bag full of snacks

The boys chased a squirrel even though we have a ton of them in our own yard at home

Always up a tree, this one

Contemplating where the bridge could take him

Daddy's office in the background

Reflections in the Hancock Towers

One Hancock building reflected in another

"Pretty Baby!" she says when she sees her reflection

If you can't find anything else, you can climb architecture