Friday, May 24, 2013

Who says Mom is not cool?

Liam never thought for a moment that he could convince anyone to go on the craziest, most death-defying roller coaster at Canobie Lake Park with him. He is a daredevil of unparalleled proportions. Unbeknownst to him, his mother is actually still cool. Sort of. I think my expression  is filled with terror and his is pure exhilaration, but we survived. Twice!

Rainy day, no need to go away, we'll find some way to play!

Colin, the face paint artist and his client, Eamon the pirate, skeleton, vampire ninja??

Ahoy, matey. Liam did Sadie's pirate girl, complete with mustache!

Two-face is a formidable foe. Done by yours truly.

Colin, of course, had to choose the most complicated option, a horn-topped, snarly-faced scaly dragon. A little beyond my artistic talents (which are nonexistent) but he was happy and that's all that matters.

JDRF Walk 2012

Team Eamon 2012 braved the pouring rain all day and raised some serious money towards a cure for diabetes!

Cousin dance party

Best year yet! Team Eamon won the T-shirt contest. Go Dr. Eamon: Working Toward a Cure: One Shot at a Time!
Crazy soaked dancer girl

Family Photoshoot 2012

As good as it gets with only minor teeth grinding and bribery.

One of a million outtakes

Cool kid.

Can't get them all to smile at once.

Liam the Mob Boss

Sadie (almost 3)

Cool cat.

Eamon (5 1/2)

Colin (almost 9)

Future head shot for our model?

 Liam (7 1/2)

The real Liam smile

Halloween 2012

Happy Howling! All jack-o-lanterns were 100% boy-made this year. (I did help with Sadie's witch).

Frodo and his hairy hobbit feet. (The boys think that Uncle Mikey must be a hobbit because he's so "furry")

Sadie thought the Arwen costume from Lord of the Rings was "too boring" so she went outside the theme and dressed as a "Princess witch". In order to put it on, any piece of clothing MUST have sparkles or tulle to make her happy.

Liam's "ringwraith, aka night rider". I confess to not watching all three Lord of the Rings movies so I'll take him at his word.

Witch gone wild

Gandalf the Gray

Heading out on an adventure through Middle Earth

The moon cooperated and provided a spooky backdrop

Trick or treat!

Day Trips Galore

We ended last summer with a trip to Gillette Castle. We saw it from a distance on our train trip on the Essex railroad the year before and wanted a chance to explore. Apparently William Gillette was best known for playing Sherlock Holmes.

Climbs anything in sight

Room with a view

Little Lord Eamon

Another climber

Small explorer

King of the castle

A forced stop in the action

Even the little one must climb

Each door was carved in a unique locking mechanism
Got to the beach just in time to catch one of the last sunsets of summer. At Hammonasset Beach, CT.