Sunday, December 1, 2013

Keep your siblings close and your enemies closer.

So happy together...

 Is it getting crowded in here?

The old married couple. Always together, always arguing. Never want to be apart.

Cute boy and his crazy sidekick.

Too tight!!

Trying so hard to be good, if only for a moment.

Moment is over! The crazies come out.

Brains! Brains! The zombies try to escape. 

Lay one on me, baby! 

Time's up! 

Let's get out of here!

Show stopper and scene stealer!

Poor Clara, getting too old to resist our crazy photo ploys.

Family Photos 2013

30 degree high temperature does not a happy crew of children make.

But a self-timer and tripod takes some perfecting. And some bribing.


Sadie is a "big girl" now. Four years old!

Hello Kitty has made a comeback with the preschool demographic. All Hello Kitty all the time.

Although Sadie seems perfectly happy to spear Hello Kitty right in her whiskers when it was time to eat cake!

Big Girl got Hello Kitty earrings. She didn't make a peep when they got pierced. The maniacal little toughy actually giggled.

Two peas in a pod, happy with their Build-a-bear wares. If there is one thing Sadie loves more than Hello Kitty, it has to be My Little Pony. Yet another pink and frilly thing she loves when she is not brutalizing her big brothers over a Minecraft game.

Colin turns 10!

A SkyZone party attracts even the teenage cousins!

Liam in his natural habitat.

Slam dunk!

Dodgeball Dream Team

Ryan and his Game Face.

Matthew is the last man standing.

Time to sugar up.

The party boys (and Erin!)

Sweater models

It's not always easy to get the kids to stand still, particularly for a photo, but it was finally chilly enough for them to model the sweaters their Grandma made for them. They sure do make cute, if reluctant, models.