Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little gobblers

I forgot to take the camera to Kelly's for Thanksgiving, but we did get some shots of the turkey cookies the boys made with the cookie cutter Grampy got us. Of course, Liam's is on the top left, because Liam always has to go against the grain!

Little Miss Turns One!

A little, okay a lot, belated on Sadie's actual birthday. You know what they say about the fourth... I'm pretty sure I'm the only kid who never got a photo album at all so I think she's doing pretty well for herself.

Still no steps by her birthday, but she was becoming ever more sturdy standing up on her own. And managing to clap for herself at the same time! She dug into her birthday cake with zeal: gingerbread with cinnamon whipped cream. She gobbled it all up and made a happy mess. She got a few more presents, but none so exciting as the remote control she commandeered at home and was THRILLED about!

The rest of Sadie's birthday, we spent at a Thanksgiving Festival at Red Apple Farm (not that she cared, it was freezing out and her main job was to sit in the stroller and look cute all bundled up.) The boys had a fun time though, particularly Liam whose main goal in life is to be a hillbilly. He spent a long time ogling the old guns and tools (and handcuffs) and tents some reenactors had set up. He also bought a Moose tooth which is still his most treasured possession. Colin, of course, climbed the first tree he could find and tried his hand at making apple cider. We took a very chilly and bumpy hayride and ended the day with some yummy homemade goodies and beer. As usual, Sadie was at the whim of her brothers, but she enjoyed her big day nonetheless!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Warmth is a good thing

Christmas preparations plus some computer problems have brought about the yearly lag in the blog. Hopefully I can catch up before we have any more major excitement!

Luckily before the real cold and storms hit, Chris replaced our old broken woodstove chimney. He first started by cutting a newer, bigger hole in our wall. Which provided some lovely scenery of the outdoors...

Looks like a nicely framed vista of fall leaves. Only it's a hole in my house.

As usual, the boys took any opportunity to help use tools or climb on a ladder very seriously. And of course, if one sees a hole and one's name is Liam, one must stick one's head through the hole.

Colin had to jump in and be part of the fun as well. And of course, every father allows his kid to climb up on the shed roof in the dark and then proceed to climb up a ladder (also in said dark) and finish the last of the external chimney repair. For the record, obviously this took place on a night I was at work. However, in the end, all's well that ends well and I am happy that once the cold and snow did come through we were all nice and toasty warm!