Saturday, February 27, 2010


Although the boys are growing like weeds, it will be a FEW years at least until they grow into Daddy's shirts and ties. They will continue to have their fashion shows until then, though, I'm sure!

Sadie is growing at an astonishing rate herself. She is just on the cusp of 13 lbs at 3 months. A good two-thirds of that weight is definitely in those rosy cheeks!

She might be growing fast, but she's not as big as her first doll yet!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Part Cupid, Part Devil.

Well, the Superbowl came and went. And, as usual, without us. One day, round about Superbowl time, I was tickling Eamon and thrust his arms over his head and yelled "touchdown"! The poor kid was so confused; he kept saying "No, Mommy, THIS is touch UP, touch down is arms DOWN!" Can you tell we don't watch sports. I wonder if we'll have to start watching them someday? I really enjoy sports... as long as the kids are playing them in person, but I figure at some point one of them will become a rabid fan and we'll actually have to watch games on TV. Until then, we're going to stay with the "Touchups" though.

Here's the little guy pretending to be sweet. Okay, he really is sweet.
When he isn't being downright evil!

Nothing could be sweeter than those lashes. And he doesn't cause a bit of trouble when he's sleeping, I'll give him that!

More Valentine's Week Shenanigans

I'll let the photos speak for themselves!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sadie's Baptism

Here's Little Miss all dressed up for her christening. She is the only one of our babies who actually seemed to ENJOY having her head doused with water. Not surprising since she LOVES taking a bath. I hope this bodes well for the pool this summer, too!

More shots from the church. Eamon goofing around with his favorite person: Auntie Kelly! Liam showing off what he calls his "Bull" face. With his lack of bottom teeth, he looks more like a Bulldog!

Queen of Hearts

In honor of Valentine's Day, Miss Sadie wore at least one heart-filled outfit for every day in February so far. I think I missed documenting a few because sometimes she wore two or three a day! You can see a variety of outfits and a variety of faces to go along with them!