Friday, February 18, 2011

Photography by Eamon, Part II

Five minutes, 107 photos later. This week, Eamon was really into detail views, close-ups and his two female Muses, one furry and one fleecy.

A self-portrait, by the artist himself.

A close up of the rug by the back door.

First hint of spring.

Sister, in shadows. Calling redial.
(A popular subject. Probably half the 107 photos were of Sadie)

Mama and Sister.

Cat, an aerial study.

Super close-up of Clara's paw. Through glass.

The photographer's furry Muse.
(The majority of the photos that weren't of Sadie were of Clara.)

Dog breath condensation.
Has anyone else really studied in this much detail before?

Dog drool, caught in motion.
Inspiring stuff to a 3 year old.

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