Friday, March 28, 2008

Out like a lion too?!?!

It's officially spring and we're having yet another snowstorm. While Liam will be happy about this (he was lamenting to me yesterday that his sled didn't work as well on a muddy hill as on a snowy hill), I am sick of hats and mittens. At least for spring, they can all put on their own puddle boots without parental intervention!

We have a bit of a mishmash of pictures this week... Eamon and Liam hanging around the house with me while Colin was at school, Easter eggs galore, and then a fun outing to the Museum of Science for their new live lizard and snake exhibit (a must for our boys -- and I had fun playing radiologist at their new body imaging exhibit...). Lots of learning this week... Liam perfected his own popcorn-box tower "all by mine self", Colin started hitting balls OVER THE NET at this week's tennis lesson and Eamon took his first mini step yesterday from one chair to another. (Next week will be full of Eamon's first birthday pics so I'm going to live it up the next few days while I still have my "baby".)
I don't know how this started but Liam became obsessed with stacking these popcorn boxes. I showed him once and then he insisted he could do it on his own. And then he did.

Eamon somehow found, smashed and opened some chips. See that that mischievous smile? He is going to be trouble one day (soon!)

The little explorer takes his first of many rides on Rocket. A rite of passage in this house!

Eamon discovered the rice table. And enjoyed every moment of digging, sifting, throwing, eating it.

Colin meets one of his cousin's new bunnies.

Did that thing just pee on me? Liam actually was quite gentle with the living Easter bunnies.

I thought the kids did an amazing job this year with the Easter eggs. And NO creative input from Mommy for once!

While the boys love baking, they don't always love the outcome. Liam was gung ho about these cupcakes until we added the two cups of shredded carrot, to which he replied: "Bleck. I DON'T LIKE carrot cupcakes". Then he ate three of them.

The Easter Spider tied yarn around each of the kids' easter baskets this year and looped it all over the house so they had to follow the trail to find their loot. Liam got bored after a while and just found all the eggs and ate their contents while Colin painstakingly followed his string hither and yon. Liam has brought me his ball of yarn everyday since asking to recreate it though.

The boys were suddenly enthralled with space on this trip to the science museum and insisted I take a picture of this to show Daddy who chilled at home with Eamon that day.

They had a particularly fun time looking at all the veterinary X-rays at one exhibit. They REALLY liked the ones that showed paper clips, rubber bands and all manner of other foreign objects that the pets had swallowed. I fear they are going to start feeding these things to Clara just so we can take pictures of her innards.

Colin put the whole skeleton puzzled together by himself. Liam took credit though!

Liam gets an earful from one exhibit. I wish he listened to me half as well.

They had a very cool exhibit I hadn't seen before of all kinds of playground equipment and the physics that goes along with it. The boys very much liked the gravity experiments (elevating blocks 50 feet over their heads and then letting them fall) and Liam had fun riding the centrifugal force experiment.

I was instructed to take photos of every single lizard we saw. I'll spare you all of them. Here's one guy (or girl) who was particularly social and greeted us nicely.

Colin said these lizards were "just like us--one Mama and only two boys today!" since Eamon stayed home with Daddy.

This python was exactly 6x Liam's height.

The boys actually worked together to put a snake and lizard skeleton puzzle together. There were real skeletons embedded in the plastic which amazed them. Liam threw a FIT however after he walked away and the museum staff took it apart for the next set of kids to figure out. He cried real tears (rare for him, he's more of a rage and stomp type).

They spent quite a long time finding all the camouflaged lizards in their different habitats. Colin was disappointed that we weren't allowed to scare the bejeezus out of the frilled lizards so they'd show their "ruffled collars" though.

Digging for fossils and artifacts amused the boys for long enough for me to do check out all of the geeky science stuff I wanted to see.

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