Friday, April 4, 2008

Lots to Celebrate!

This was a fun and busy week of celebrations! Wednesday, April 2nd was Eamon's first birthday, and I came home from work for lunch to surprise him with some cake and gifts. Not that he will ever remember this, but I will! Just as we were cutting the cake, we got the call that his brand new cousin was born! Eamon will get to share his birthday AND share all he has learned about causing trouble with the new little guy!

Welcome to the world, Jake Andrew! What a cutie!

Be careful though, Uncle Mark and Auntie Megan. In no time at all, Jake will be all grown up like this gigantic boy! Not a baby anymore...

We discovered on Tuesday that Eamon is somehow TERRIFIED of birthday cake. We tried to take some cute smashed cake photos at Jenn's house and Eamon cried and shrieked more that day than in the rest of his 365 days on the planet put together. So for his actual birthday, I got ice cream cake instead and he LOVED IT!

Mmm... I could get used to this! And since I'm having a big party next week, I can!
[I now have pictures of all three boys with their first birthday mess, and I really challenge any of you to tell the difference between them. Maybe I'll post them all next week and you can try to figure out who is who because, at this stage, it is NOT easy!]

Earlier in the week, Eamon got his first gift from Erin, Nat and Silas. We let him open it because... well... we're all about instant gratification around here! Dinosaurs are sooo tasty! How many more can I fit in here??

Thanks, guys! He REALLY loved eating the card and wrapping paper. They are his favorite! And as you can see, he had on a dinosaur shirt that day which just goes to show what a perfect gift it was!

Eamon discovers his gifts... and patiently waited while his big brothers tore them open. He is getting better at caring about toys and not just wrapping paper, but to be honest, he really really really thinks wrapping paper is the best-tasting stuff ever.

Brotherly love amid the loot.

Poor Eamon really doesn't even get to play with his own toys, but his brothers always appreciate them! Luckily the little guy doesn't seem to mind a bit. After this he hunkered down and started eating Grampy's magazines and was happy as pie.

Yesterday it was in the 60s for the first time and we celebrated that as well by going to the local park. Colin and Liam mastered climbing the big "mountain" there in about 2 seconds flat. I'm sure Eamon will master it by next week at this rate...

I'm hoping to win the Nobel Prize by isolating the gene in boys that makes them obsessed with dinosaurs. I'm getting closer...

And the one that attracts them to digging... and dirt.... and mud... and swords... and crashing cars together... and potty humor... and "booming" things with fake guns... and throwing rocks....
Unfortunately, it was short-lived and there was snow on my car this morning, but we enjoyed spring while it lasted. For that one... tiny... microscopic... day.

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