Sunday, March 16, 2008

In like a lion and out like a lamb (I hope)

Colin and I made Leprechauns out of a paper towel tube and some hot glue. He LOVED the hot glue, but Liam thought it was "bleck" because he kept getting "spider webs" of glue stuck in his hair. He also stuck all the googly eyes up his nose.

Eamon is constantly stuck in/under/on/against random pieces of furniture and toys. Bad mommy always finds time to get the camera out before saving him. He doesn't look any worse for wear though!

Big truckload of baby!

The best way to clean up after a dinner party? Get some cheap help! The promise of "green spray" and climbing on the table was more than enough to entice Liam to lend a hand.

Daddy left a magazine laying around. Eamon ate it. We figure it's good roughage in his diet.

Liam is at the height of couture fashion with his argyle, big brother's boots and saggy diaper. This look will be all over the runways in no time.

Eamon had a fever for a day or so and spent most of his day napping to get rid of the nasty virus.

Mommy and Daddy went shoe-shopping over the weekend so we had lots of empty boxes hanging around. We used them to do a cool painting project with rubber bouncy balls. The kids liked it and it wasn't nearly as messy as I had anticipated... until one of the balls got loose and bounced blue paint all over the playroom.

One of Colin's finished rainbow ball paintings.

Are you talking to ME?
Eamon loves to open all the cabinets these days. I don't mind when he's in the plastic cup cabinet but I put the kabosh on the cereal cabinet after he had a blast dumping it all over the floor and then eating it. Clara loved it of course.

At the end of our hike, Liam decided he needed some refreshments
so he got a stick to use as his "cone" and ate a bunch of snow ice cream!

This imprint is about as close to being an angel as Liam gets these days!

Two explorers on their big expedition. Their favorite part was
tossing snowballs in the stream and seeing whose melted fastest!

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