Friday, March 21, 2008

Peeps and Jellybeans

Here are some goings-on of the week, topped off by Easter-egg coloring today!

1. Colin started tennis lessons which he LOVES. He already wrote a love letter to his teacher, Phil, and got his own racket while out shopping with Daddy. He scurries around the court with such glee... though I think he might do slightly better if he wasn't stopping to hug Phil every few minutes. Hopefully he'll outgrow all this teacher-love before he hits high school!!

2. Liam decided he doesn't want to take tennis... "I want golf" instead... well, that's not going to happen but I did pick him up a set of kiddie clubs for his upcoming birthday party. He's been a real handful this week, but he did find time to be a little cute... I found him under the kitchen table spearing miniature marshmallows with a toothpick, making little barbells out of them and then popping them in his mouth. He exclaimed: "Mommy! I need another polka dot!" I was clueless until he said: "You know, the wooden ones, the ones I poke the dots with!!" Ah... another toothpick! He loves to eat with toothpicks... wait until his first cocktail party, he'll be all set!

3. Eamon said his first "real" word this week. He's been waving for quite a while, but he now adds on "Bye-bye!" when he waves. And he does it consistently so I think it counts. We're very slow to "believe" in first words, but this one just might stick!

The boys had a photo shoot at our friend Jenn's house on Thursday in their Easter outfits. She's drumming up some photography business and I knew she had a much better shot at keeping my kids interested than the grueling, sweaty, anxiety-ridden sessions at Sears that I usually endure. Between her kids to act as playmates and the M&Ms and gummy bears I bribed them with, I actually got all three of my kids in one picture. This is the first time EVER. It's impossible to get them to all stay still and smile at the same time, but at least you can see that Liam IS part of the family for once! Here are just a couple of the many shots we got. Thanks, Jenn!!

All three in one place! For about a nanosecond...
I always wonder... do other people drug their kids for photos or is it just mine that run amok the whole time?

You can see Liam pouting and clutching his container of gummy bears... in case anyone tried to deny him his "treats".

He looks so harmless... looks can be deceiving though!

That's all I'm hoping for in MY Easter basket this year!!

Plopped down in a giant tea cup... though not giant enough for his growing girth!

Colin's silly smile, saved only for photo ops.

There's Colin's REAL smile!

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ELK said...

Beautiful! Uh, I mean, HANDSOME lads you have there. How do you keep them so sparkling?

We're having trouble refraining from letting Silas tear into the gorgeous roller-ball-paper-wrapped gift that arrived on the porch a couple days ago, how cool to see a project in the blog and have it appear in the flesh (er, paper)!

Happy Easter! Happy almost birthday, Eamon!