Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Washington D.C. Part III

Liam, as happy as he can be, always up a tree.

The cherry blossoms came out too early this year for us to catch them, but we enjoyed the amazing weather just the same!

We spent our last day in the city checking out the monuments.

Liam was adamant that Lincoln is his favorite president ever.

I still remember the Gettysburg address from 6th grade Flag Day.

From yet another angle.

Big and little always manage to get each other out of a funk.

Ugh, Mom. We're hot and tired. And you know it... we want to eat!

We had to find our own state in the shadows!

For different reasons, I think the FDR memorial was both my favorite and the kids.

I enjoyed the quotes.

The boys enjoyed the fountains! Until they discovered they couldn't swim in them.

Eamon decided to share his new accessory with FDR's dog.

The kids have a new pet.

As close as we were destined to get to the Jefferson Memorial. By this point in the day, the kids were completely past their prime.

Our last photo on the way out of town!