Monday, May 21, 2012

Easter 2012

Liam looking sweet and happy.

Liam being Liam.

Ah, now THAT'S Liam!

Happy pictures are OVER!

No, not picture day again!

Sweet Eamon boy.

Trying so hard to be good.

I'm hating wearing a shirt with a button, but I'll smile so it will be over sooner.

Loveable goofball.

Hey, I thought I was done now!

Coy Sadie.

Pouty lips are fashionable, Mom.

There's the smile.

Deceptively sweet.

The real Sadie.

Mama, it's too cold, I need to snuggle with a brother.

Sadie on the move.

Times up, this is as good as you're going to get of all four of us!

And it all went to pieces very quickly....