Monday, May 21, 2012

Colin's First Communion

Colin looking so handsome just before his first Communion. He told me that he "belly hurts because I'm so nervous". I think he is taking this whole "God knows all the bad stuff I do even when Mom and Dad don't" thing very seriously. :)

Couldn't convince him to get a haircut, but he's looking very dapper, just the same!

All ready to go.

Blue-eyed boy.

Colin and the rest of his CCD class on their big day.

A few of the cousins that came out to see him.

Notice that just moments later, he already had his tie off and his shirt untucked!

Already changed out of his dress shoes and into his skull sneakers and rockin' a rosary as an accessory.

If only he had on some boxers, it would be classic Risky Business attire instead of Holy Communion attire.

Coolest kid on the block.

Colin's  sweet reward for having to wear a tie all morning.