Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Washington, DC April 2012, Part I

Our first day in DC was spent at the National Zoo. If it weren't a stone's throw from our hotel, we would have skipped it. Either we went at the wrong time of day or there are almost no actual animals available to see in the zoo. Very disappointing to us, although the kids didn't seem to care as long as they got to climb on all the fake animal sculptures!

Finally, a real animal sighting!

A type of panda. But not the big, famous ones we were hoping to see.

Liam was content to climb anything over 2 inches off the ground.

Don't we always tell you to stop picking your nose?

Gorillas in our midst.

Trying to increase the danger quotient.

Sadie awake and in the stroller for a brief moment!

After surviving the overwhelming stench of the Ape House, we did get to see a couple of the big guys lounging around.

Here's one more of the gorillas. There were a few chimpanzees as well, but they looked too despondent to photograph.

Liam's signature pose.

Another living animal, finally!

Tada! I can climb any bear you want!

Or a turtle for that matter!