Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's That Fair Time of Year Again

Summer is winding down once again, but making way for fun, fairs and fall! First off was the Hardwick Fair, a perennial favorite with the boys. Eamon decided he was old enough to ride a horse and go through the hay bale obstacle course this year which was new for him and ogled the tractors of course, which is nothing new! Liam really seemed to love the cows and spent a long while thoughtfully perusing the selection of 4H offerings. Colin was thrilled to find some cowboy hats for sale since he'd been asking for one for a while. Sadie fell asleep but was the cutest little advertisement for Local Farms that anyone could hope for.

We tried out the Spencer Fair too since the boys have been loving carnival rides this year. I went on the Zero Gravity ride with them to start us off and realized I must be officially old because I had to keep my eyes tightly shut to keep the inner rumblings of bile at bay. I kept yelling to Liam and Colin to close their eyes but they kept screaming "Why? This is awesome! This is crazy! I'm losing my mind!" I skipped out on their second and third rounds on that ride and stuck to taking Eamon on the tamer things. He LOVED the big truck ride and spent most of his tickets on it repeatedly! They all won blow-up hammers at the Strength Game and proceeded to beat each other with them constantly the rest of the day. Liam won at Whack a Mole (I think it was actually Whack a Mouse which I'm glad about... he can use his newfound skills to tackle the vermin that will try to get in the house come winter). At any rate, he let Eamon choose what prize he wanted and of course he chose the rockstar guitar which has sparked many jam sessions in his room with his big brothers using bins and toys and books and pan lids as drum sets. The big guys went all the way up the ferris wheel by themselves which only made me nervous once they were at the top and Liam kept peeking over the edge! And "poor little" Sadie spent yet another happy day sitting in her stroller laughing watching the boys careen around her. I dread the day she realizes she wants to be out and about causing trouble too!

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