Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First day of school, round two.

Eamon started a week after the big boys this year. The most exciting news was that he switched schools and will be going to preschool in New Braintree now. At first he was not excited at all and kept telling me that "I don't like to talk to PEOPLE, Mom". But, after going in a few weeks early to take a tour and meet the new school nurse, he seemed a tiny bit happier. And after a day of orientation where he was reminded of all the fun toys at preschool ("a big firetruck! paints! fake food!"), he was feeling EVEN better, although he was uncharacteristically nervous and yanked on my arm for the entire hour we were there. His first week back, from all accounts, he spoke very little, but he did enjoy running into the school nurse at church on Sunday where he proceeded to whoop it up and wave his best rockstar hands at her in the parking lot. Progress! Yesterday, his day 3, he actually joked with the nurse and talked to OTHER KIDS. It's only a matter of time until he actually PLAYS with someone! Here he is, big backpack and all on his first day!

Not to be outdone by her big brothers, Little Miss has been pulling herself up on every item she can get her hands on these days. The boys particularly like it when she towers precariously over her dollhouse and they dance around her yelling "Godzilla baby" until she laughs so hard she falls down! Here she is tiptoeing around the couch. She is so fast and so curious that for the first time EVER, we had to break out a playpen to jail her in just so we can safely use the bathroom, start a load of laundry, or do any dishes. We never had to rope off the boys much, but then again, they were closer in age and we didn't own an entire toy store worth of tiny Legos and game pieces when they were babies! Sadie is CONSTANTLY underfoot and her favorite spots (as with her brothers, it must be genetic) are IN the dishwasher or splashing away in Clara's food and water bowls. She has an uncanny ability to sense when the dishwasher door MIGHT be unlocked so she can crawl in and do some damage. She's got a whopping 8 teeth now which is good because she is a staunch meat eater, although she'll also chow down any veggie or really ANY sustenance that finds its way into her pudgy fist! And yes, she really IS that happy ALL THE TIME. :)

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