Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to School 2010

Colin and Liam started off First Grade and Kindergarten yesterday with a bang! They were very excited and stayed up far too late talking and laughing and fooling around so that we had to wake them for school, but once they got going, they were practically vibrating with excitement. Liam ran to the bus stop, ran around the bus stop, ran back and forth across the street nonstop at the bus stop and ran right up the steps onto the bus when it came. Not one backwards look, no quivering of the lip like Colin had when he started Kindergarten, just jumped in head first! Colin, an old pro now, was busy giving advice about which seats Liam could sit in, how to behave in the hallways, what part of the playground he could and couldn't use and was in all his glory being bossy and "helpful".

They both seemed to enjoy their first day! Colin thought his teacher, Mrs. Ellis was "really nice" and his favorite part was "having my own desk that opens on top!". Liam, of course, thought the best part was recess which is not really surprising to me. When I asked him what the worst part was, he said: "All of the parts that were inside!" Liam met a new friend at lunch named Johnny and Colin was thrilled to see his best friend, Matthew, in the same class. Let's just hope the enthusiasm continues all year.

I made the boys some monkey bread for breakfast before the big day. Notice I made Liam eat it BEFORE he put his shirt on! They'd never had it before and LOVED it. Eamon also loved it... and scarfed down half the remains while I was on the phone later in the day. When I asked him how many pieces he ate so I could dose his insulin, he said: "Two... um.... maybe three... okay, maybe LOT."

Colin looking FAR TOO OLD to be a First Grader what with that big argyle backpack and all.

Liam, cute as can be with his crazy hair tamed into a buzz cut. Might as well start the year off looking groomed before his true self comes out! Poor guy had quite a rash going into school. He was diagnosed with Henoch-Schonlein Purpura a couple weeks back and it has been flaring up this week. We were a little concerned, not only because the night before his joints were so inflamed he couldn't walk again, but because we didn't want kids to tease him about his "spots". Apparently only one kid noticed and, as I suspected, Liam just doesn't care enough to get upset when people say things to him. That's our boy!




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