Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Impromptu picnic

The crisp fall air has been motivating us to get outside more. We actually ENJOYED some yard work this weekend (and three extra sets of small hands are pretty helpful when it comes to piling up brush... granted, they did UNPILE a bunch of it trying to make a fort later on... but it was better than nothing!) We set out for a picnic last week and hoped to do some kite-flying with the fall breeze... but we were thwarted by a big frisbee golf tournament and the crush of players and spectators that took over all of the best kite-flying fields in town. We settled for a roadside picnic by a (most likely very polluted) river, but the boys were none the wiser and as happy as beavers. (They've been very into beavers for some reason, all those sticks in the yard are being used to build their very own beaver dam... I've thought it best to just not bother telling them they need water to have a dam, why ruin the fun, right?).

Always in motion

Strong man

Always happy to pose

Eating leaves and grass is a good source of fiber, right?

Daddy taught them how to skip stones. They need more practice!

Our very own Huck Finn.

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