Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

My Three Heroes

Daddy took the trio trick or treating. Colin didn't mind that I had to work as he was enamored with the human bones I had in my car all week in preparation for an anatomy exam. He is probably the only kid in the world who asks to take real human bones for Show and Share at preschool. (I said no. Only because they were painstakingly labeled by me for the exam and I didn't want little fingers messing them up. Otherwise, honestly, I would have let him. I swear he knows more bone names than half my nursing students)

You couldn't possible imagine the fun that was had with glue and some old baby food jars I found WAY BACK in the cupboard.

The end result. Spooky. Perfect.

Creepy crawly critters for the boys' preschool party.

Spiders were VERY high on the fun list this year, as you can see.Who would have guessed that HOURS of fun could be had with a couple strings of licorice? I wonder if the cavities will be worth it? Probably.

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The Mitchells said...

Seriously, you are just too creative! Can you send me a list of weekly projects with specific instructions? ;-) I could never come up with this stuff on my own!! Your kids get to do the neatest things!