Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're thankful for all of our boys and the chaos they bring! You'll have to forgive me for not letting Eamon do this craft with us last night. First he ate all the ends of the crayons, then he wrinkled up all the paper, then he tried to steal the glue and run away with it. We assume he is thankful for: brothers that don't beat him when he destroys their stuff, parents that love him even when he is a demon, a dog who is gentle and lovely to him even when he torments her, and food of every variety. Here's what the two big boys are thankful for:

Liam is thankful for: Mommy, Erin, Colin, Daddy and Eamon, Clara, Super Flying Racecars (???), Blocky and Robot (his imaginary friends) and Horses and Cows.

Colin is thankful for: David and Liam, Mommy, Daddy and Eamon, Bunk beds (which he doesn't have, but wishes he did), Santa (brown-noser!), Games, his Superhero Birthday Party, and his new Remote Control Racecar.

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meg said...

LOL. I got a feather!!! LOL. tht is so cute....what color did eamon poop? LOL.