Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Crazy as a Three Ring Circus

Okay, to be truthful, it was really only a One Ring Circus. I am not quite sure if I am not remembering properly because I was so little and everything must have seemed so BIG to me, or if the Ringling Bros. have hit the skids with the economy such as it is like everyone else... but the circus wasn't quite as glamorous as I recall it to be. I used to go every year on my birthday and this year Colin won us free tickets from a drawing contest so we were thrilled to go for his birthday. The boys had a great deal of fun and enjoyed it. I'm not sure if the circus was as big a hit with them as the $10-bucks-a-pop light up toys we got them (and we didn't even spring for the $20 ones inside... we got sucked in by the guys hawking them "half price" outside. I'm just thankful that our knock-off toys (a laser gun and a sword) died in the first 48 hours... they were driving us insane anyway.) Fun was had, treats were digested and it was an enjoyable outing. I'm not sure I would go if I had to pay for it, but for a mostly free day out with the boy-os , it was worth it!

These two guys were probably the most impressive. They jumped ass over teakettle around their hoops as they revolved... I admit it, I gasped a number of times.

What happened to good old-fashioned clowns? I am rather afraid of them, myself, but our kids REALLY would have enjoyed the humor of 20 clowns in a clown car or the more slap-stick pouring of water over heads, etc. The main clown here was a French monsieur who was amusing, but not at their level. He did have a funny bicycle act, though, topped out by riding his mouse-sized bike through a ring of fire. Colin capped most of the performances by saying, "I have GOT to try that at home!"

They constructed a cage in the ring during intermission to keep us all safe from the big cats. They were magnificent and it just gets me everytime that they APPEAR to be cute, overgrown house cats... but I hope the woman with the whip gets combat pay because there is NOTHING you could do to convince me to snap my whip at those big fellas!

Liam had as much fun stuffing his face with popcorn as anything else, I think.

That lip! That lip is both the bane of my existence and the cherry on top of my gleeful Liam Sundae.

The elephants were always my favorite and they were still pretty great. Though I am slightly biased as I had JUST finished reading "Water for Elephants" before we went.

This girl got double pay as the Rope Mistress and the poor maiden who had look demure while some sharp-shooter shot a rose out of her hand with a semi automatic cross bow.

A true testament to Colin's overall enjoyment. The cotton candy sits forgotten in his hand while he ogles whatever act has mesmerized him. For that alone, it was a good day.

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