Sunday, October 26, 2008

They say the darndest things...

Overheard this week:

1) Colin: "Eamon looks like a vanilla ice cream cone!" (picture to come...when I remember to upload it)

2) Liam: "Mommy, do woodpeckers like rain?" Me: "Um, I'm not sure, I don't think so." Liam: "Well, will they come out in the rain or will they hide?" Me: "I guess they'll hide" Liam: "Are you SURE woodpeckers won't come out in the rain? Mommy! Mommy!" Me, exasperated: "I don't know, Liam, why????" Liam, clutching his balloon from Trader Joe's and frowning: "I'm afraid a woodpecker will come and peck my balloon until it pops!!!"

3) Colin, asking about musical instruments: "What's that one, you know, the Rock Star Violin?" Me: "A guitar????" Colin: "Yes, that's it!" Can you tell we're a little more Vivaldi than Guns N' Roses around here?

4) Liam: "There are no real ghosts. There are no real ghosts. There are no real ghosts. Mommy, are there real ghosts in the WOODS????" .... On second thought, perhaps he was a little young for the Haunted House he went to this week... and maybe that pitch black walk to the neighbors' house last night in the blustery storm past the blowing white ghost wasn't the BEST idea before bed...

4) Eamon: "Clara!" "Woof!" "Sit!!!" (screamed in Clara's ear, hoping to instill in her that he shall take his rightful place as Alpha to her. Someday. When she stops licking his face until he falls over in glee.) "Night-night!" "Mama" "Dada" "Bappa" (Grandpa) "Up" (yelled while vaulting into my lap) "Bock-bock" (eating chicken for dinner) "Ckkkrrrru!" (Truck) Yup... that's about it. At least that I can think of. He is a man of few words, but his sign language repertoire is quite good... and he ALWAYS makes it clear what he wants... generally by lowering his head, furrowing his brow and giving you the Death Look when you do not comply, followed by the Angry Stomp, the Throwing of Toys and the Impish Shriek. Thank God he is so cute.

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