Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in Chaosville

I think this is the first time in the history of this blog that a full month has gone by without a new post. Suffice to say, we weren't doing nothing! Between the ice storm and six days without power, finals and final grades that needed my cold and unshowered attention and a computer that decided to crap out, things just haven't been going our way. But the power is back, the grades are done,I've got a cute new laptop and we're back in business! I still have to figure out a way to get the last month's photos off our now-dead computer but I'll save that little project for Christopher who has next week off. And hopefully we can soon update you on all the festivities of the past month!

I would love to show you a gorgeous photo of our tree all lit up, but alas, our power was out AGAIN on Christmas morning. Fortunately, this time only for a few hours. The jolly man left quite a haul under the tree for the boy-os. Who knew they'd been that good this year?
Clara deserves some extra gifts just for putting up with Eamon. Once Eamon discovered the chocolate snowman in his stocking, he really had no use for any of his gifts. Which actually turned out well because his big brothers got to open a few more and Demon was occupied with his hands full for long enough that we could all enjoy the peace and goodwill for a few minutes.Big points out something interesting to Medium. Notice in Liam's hand is the letter Santa left for the boys which he has become very attached to. He keeps saying: "Please don't recycle my letter!! It's from Santa and says I am a good boy!" I think he is just keeping it as an insurance policy for later in the year -- if we try to send him to Time Out, he has written proof he is really just a good boy--from the expert himself!Three little cookie cutter men; just in different sizes.
We made our own gingerbread house from scratch this year. Oodles of fun.

Bushels of candy.
Almost done!"Arggh, the roof smashed on the ground, mom! Well, I guess we'll have to eat it!" said Colin who probably elbowed the darn thing on purpose. I can't say I was too upset: the best thing about homemade gingerbread is that it tastes way better than the pre-fab stuff!

Demon LOVES his new mess-free paint. It means he gets to do art way more often with the big kids and Mommy has a chance of keeping the gray hair at bay just a little bit longer...

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oooh i saw that light art thing! so it really works? i knew we should have gotten that and not the super noisy keyboard!