Friday, October 24, 2008

Autumn Odds and Ends

I've been sort of lame about blogging the last few weeks so a bunch of events and pictures have piled up unblogged! Here are a few hints as to what the Clan has been doing.

A big thanks to Uncle Eddie for the kids' pumpkins. Carving is frustrating for them still so they used Mr. Pumpkin Head pieces to flesh them out. Here's Liam's interpretation of Grammy as a nightclub singer. Notice the golden curls and TWO pocketbooks. She must be a real moneybags!

Our yummy baked rendition of the perfect pumpkin. Colin was introduced to fruit rollups for the first time in making the leaves... love at first sticky bite.

Christopher Columbus setting his sights on the New World with his nifty hat and telescope!

A typical morning in Casa Chaos.

We went to pick pumpkins at an Oktoberfest a local farm. Here's Eamon playing in the outdoor kitchen. Of course, we never got to actually pick pumpkins and Little Bugger melted down at the end of the day.

The big boys and their cousins take a very fast spin around the farm on the Apple Train

Liam feeds the Llamas.

Colin and David are two peas in a pod. They even got photographed for the local paper.

The cousins settle down for some warm fall treats. It was cold and dank that day, but some pulled pork and apple pie did the trick.

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meg said...

Omg, i totally love grammy pumpkin!! and your perfect pumpkin...too perfect:)