Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall fun

Colin uses Daddy's noise-canceling headphones to shield himself from Eamon's shrieking.

Liam was so proud of the "Fairy House" we built out in the woods to ensure that the fairies are warm and cozy all through the winter. He made a path so the fairy could find the house and filled it with all manner of comforts.

Here's a rock bed with pine cone pillow and leaf blanket. We also outfitted the house with a tiny little fireplace with miniature logs, acorn cap bowls, mushroom end tables, a couch made of pinecones, a tree bark roof and wild berries for food. The boys very much enjoyed it and I've been remiss in not bringing them back to check on their houses lately. Colin is concerned the recent rain storm wreaked havoc on them so we'll have to go repair the damage!

A true woodsman.

Eamon didn't build a fairy house but had fun exploring nonetheless.

Liam just loves golf so we had the chance to go indoor mini-golfing on a rainy Saturday and he was thrilled about it.

Eamon spent more time chucking his ball into the many water traps and wielding his club like a weapon, but managed to have fun regardless.

Little Bugger is CONSTANTLY up on the kitchen table. And oh so proud that he stole a bag of crackers to boot.

We went to a local fair and the kids got introduced to face-painting which they loved.

Although the big bouncy house and slide was more exciting!

The boys are OBSESSED with superheroes and I finally had to hide their costumes because they were started to get worn out and it's weeks until Halloween!
Robin makes the perfect side-kick. Though he's already lost his mask somewhere...

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where do you go indoor mini golfing?