Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wonder Woman

I can't tell you how many times people stop me out in public to ooh and ahh (and not in a good way) about having three boys. I have plenty of friends who have 3 kids close in age like ours and I don't think they garner quite the attention if they have girls or a mix of both. People seem to assume having all boys must be "a handful" as the kindest of comments seem to run. They are. But, as they have spent hours in the past two days pouring over catalogs trying to pick the best Halloween costume (refusing to listen to my lament that they have months left to decide), one thing has become clear: superheroes are "in" right now in this household. I can no longer call them Colin or Liam, but must address them as "Batman" or "Superman" or "Spiderman" or "Aquaman" (whom Daddy introduced over the weekend to put an end to the arguments over having two Spidermen at the same time-- my double X chromosome must have kept me from hearing of Aquaman whoever he is, but I did have Wonder Woman underroos in my distant youth). So, would I like to pick out frilly outfits for a girl? Sure. But I have a lot of friends with girls so I still get to do a lot of pink shopping. But, how many moms of girls get to hear, as they work diligently (and today, alone) with drill and ratchet on the epic swingset, "Batman, you go get the screws, Wonder Woman needs them!" Bestill my heart... moms of girls might be wonderful moms, but *I* am Wonder Woman and in the history of little boys, that might be the best compliment yet!!


cmarnold said...

Wonder Woman didn't fare well with the steampunk crowd.

I don't follow football much but at least Mass is not alone in hoping for a Wonder Woman Halloween.

meg said...

hehehehheeh. can we get the invisible plane next????