Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Busy Bees

Our busy week started with a "sleepover" with Baby Jake that the boys were soooo excited about. I was terrified that Eamon would continue his jealous streak and shriek the entire time, but he was really quite good with the baby and was the official "back-burper, bottle-bringer, binky-putter-backer boy". We woke up on day 2 with no water (Alas, we now have a lovely new well pump though.) Who says you need water to care for four boys under four?

Though he did attempt to be the "baby" himself for a while, trying to squish his oversize tubbiness into the a Jake-size bed.

I, personally, rue the day that Moon Sand was created. It is the bane of my existence, really. But the kids love it. And we were learning all about the moon and moon stations this week and they are already obsessed with space as it is. So, when Colin decided to use his little astronauts to recreate the surface of the moon replete with craters and shooting stars, I had to agree that moon sand probably was the right medium for this project. And, if you've never touched it, it really is a tactile delight. However, clean up was always the reason I hated Moon Sand because it filled all of the cracks between our old floor boards and wouldn't come out. Thanks to the arrival of my brandy-new Dyson vacuum however, I could finally say "yes" with pleasure. You know you are old and lifeless when the highlight of your week is a new vacuum (which you have painstakingly researched and drooled over for a long time), but so be it. My floors are sand-free!!

Great. Next week he'll want nunchucks!

Eamon has actually learned to sit down recently, though. And loves to color. He only eats the crayons about 40% of the time now.

Spidey scales a wall while playing at the playground with his friends Max and Harry.

They showed a remarkable lack of fear yesterday. So I got to sit back and chat. Perfection.

Mt. Everest for the toddler demographic.

Once he mastered the rock wall, Eamon was thrilled to see a new perspective from above. He was mesmerized by the changing light peeking through the holes.

Day 2 of the Swingset Build. (I implore you to ignore the 3 month hiatus between Day 1 and Day 2. I know I'm trying to...) We have a floor!

And walls. (And way too many helping hands.)

And a roof!! The monstrosity begins to take shape.

A day of construction is very tiring. This is poor Liam before I could even get the food TO the table.


The Mitchells said...

Carrie - I love your blog! You crack me up and your crazy boys remind me so much of my own. I just had to LOL at the swingset comment!! Can't wait to see the finished product...in 6 mos or so!! ;-)

Megan said...

So cute.... I love them...