Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer

We did very little this week. And enjoyed it immensely. The highlights:

We had a nature walk around the yard and our street which, thanks to some inside-out painters tape thrilled the boys more than I could ever have imagined a free activity could. They tried desperately to out-search each other for better, more colorful finds. Their favorites: pebbles for Liam (who couldn't be convinced that large boulders wouldn't stick to his tape bracelet... "I just try it and see" is his new favorite phrase) and "pop-pods" for Colin (if anyone knows what those flowers are called, you know, the orange ones that kind of look like little cornucopia and are always found alongside the road with those green pods the burst when you brush by them? I am not a botanist, but I know good kid fun when I see it. Hours were spent trying to find "big popable pods".

After finding the boys in the suitcase, I decided it was time to put it away, finally. Of course, we're going away this weekend so just in time to have to take it out again, naturally.

The swings are up! We were so excited we braved the thick masses of mosquitoes to finish them up after the kids were in bed. Thanks to the self-timer and 98.9% deet, we managed to document it too.

The Hardwick Fair was this weekend and always a hit. This is the first year the big boys rode horses without being scared.

Can you tell Christopher doesn't play golf? The kids don't even know how to hold the club properly but had fun whacking it around regardless.

They were more adept at the soccer obstacle course.

The hay course was far and away the day's winner for them (mostly because the long-awaited frog-hopping race had too many spectators surrounding it for the little tots to catch a glimpse).

I have never, ever, seen Colin so happy as in the obstacle course. He, who tends toward whining and being less-than-impressed with the mere mortals he must deal with each day, just laughed and laughed, chatted up strangers and was immensely proud that he could maneuver the rope swing moat by himself (Liam required a helping hand for it). It was worth the 10 bucks for the all-day family ticket because he loved it that much.

Eamon being his usual demonic self. Every time he got out of the stroller he would run around pushing it maniacally through the crowds. In order to save the fate of the throng, we bribed him to get back in his four-wheeled jail with icecream. Works like a charm.

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