Thursday, August 7, 2008


I know, I know, it's kind of sideways. I can never seem to remember that you can't turn videos around. You'll get the gist even if you do get a stiff neck. Keep in mind that I heard a commotion in the playroom while making dinner and ran in to find Eamon standing in the middle of the table cackling. I, of course, immediately got him down. He, of course, immediately got back up. Being the type of mother I am, instead of admonishing him again... I got out the camera. Check out the look on his face, it is so priceless. Pride goeth before a fall, don't you know! Don't worry... at the end when it looks like the camera ducks and he falls off... he didn't. I caught him, I swear. This time...

Here's some slightly less dangerous fun. Eamon always wakes up in a wonderful mood and is so happy to see me and start his day! Here he is showing off his crazy joyous nature.

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