Thursday, April 24, 2008

This Week by Colin

Colin and Liam are the proud owners of their own digital cameras. Liam got his at his birthday party and Colin got his for his "Half Birthday" (it saves on screaming, fighting and general misery to give the kids one gift on the others' birthday and since Colin and Liam are exactly 18 months apart, they truly do celebrate their half birthdays at the right time!)

This week we mostly hung around, cleaned up and waited for Daddy to get home from Memphis for work and bring our camera back! So, I'll let Colin's photos tell the visual story of their week. Liam's photojournal will have to wait, as once he discovered the delete button on his camera, he deletes them as fast as he takes them. So much for posterity!

Liam was thrilled to get a basketball hoop for his birthday and even more thrilled to have his cousin Ryan over to play a little 0ne-on-one.

One of Colin's best portraits so far. Usually he cuts people's heads off and moves before the photo actually is taken. This is Sam showing off some pearly whites!

Still life with Soup.
It is so interesting to me to see what he chooses to photograph. This is an abandoned bowl of yummerific Cream of Asparagus soup that Daddy made for the party.

I think this is Erin? And the alien blowfish ball...

Colin told me that he had to construct this Wall of Toys to keep Eamon out of the playroom while he and his cousins put together a big Pirate Puzzle. Or so the story goes...

A very messy Eamon chomping on his finger (The molars are coming, the molars are coming!)

The first game out of the box was a cool fishing game. The boys played and then Colin went finger-fishing. I think I must have taken this? Or else he's gotten great at self-portraits already!

Mommy and Daddy after the party (and a few drinks, I dare say)

I think this photo is more about love of the new launchable rockets the boys got and less about brotherly love, but there it is...

Colin was THRILLED to attend his "girlfriend" Abby's birthday party this week where he was the lucky recipient of many hugs and kisses from his lady friend. Not to mention a treat bag with a pirate eye patch. It must be love!

Baby in a bag.
I got so fed up with Eamon knocking over my laundry piles this week, that I took to carrying him around in the laundry bag to entertain him. Colin thought that was hysterical.

Liam in all of his glory, outside getting dirty.

Hmm. This is me carrying out a big tray of compost that accumulated at the party. Colin really loves compost for some reason. The boys love to help us dump it outside in the compost bins but they don't always like the bugs that hover over them!

Colin loved the dinosaur picture that his cousin Harry got for him and was obviously proud of his masterful coloring-in job because he made sure to photograph it.

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