Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring has sprung!

Finally some signs of life! The crocuses sprouted in our otherwise completely desolate yard.

Eamon saw (and tasted) his first flowers. He didn't like the texture on his tongue and spit them out, but that didn't stop him from trying again. I finally had to save the poor flowers from being eaten as they ARE the only thing in the yard that is remotely spring-like.

Bleck! Flower petals aren't so good, but I'm still happy to be outside!

Colin got in on the action and turned two crocuses into horns and then told me that he "had to pick them to give to Emma and Abby" his two best friends at school. Apparently he's quite the ladies man and they play together non-stop right now.

I keep finding these love notes ALL OVER THE HOUSE from little Don Juan to his lady friends. He has seriously covered entire packs of post-it notes and and an entire book of art paper with "I love Emma and Abby". And I thought I was home free until highschool...
Colin spent three days straight wearing his blankie as a cape. Even in public. We don't really worry about stuff like that, but he did garner a lot of comments while we were out over the weekend. What blows my mind is that somehow no one seemed to care that we had the three boys with us during an extremely crowded liquor sale that involved lots of wine/beer/scotch tastings and ridiculous numbers of glass bottles (they were perfectly behaved) but they did think it was bizarre that he was wearing a makeshift superhero cape. At home he added on a crown he made and became "Super King Colin" or something like that...

Hallelujah, it was warm this week! Months of languishing indoors without enough energy-draining play meant LOTS of fights between the boys. Outside is a different world... they play together nicely and go on crazy and creative adventures. This week they built this house together (though Liam was angry that I couldn't get real water to flow from the pretend pipes) and did Grampy proud by Bear Hunting (with sticks). They found "huge" bears and only "pretend" killed them, they assured me. Liam LOVES the outdoors and mostly plays in the water coming out of the sump pump hose. This week his math skills took a big leap when he informed me that "Water + dirt = mud". Colin told me yesterday that he "pulled up all the wigs from the yard!" I was confused and thought he was playing make-believe until he said: "You know the WIGS, the ones that we pulled up from the garden last year?" Apparently weeding is going to be a hairy experience this year.

Mornings mean milk and brothers to Eamon. Colin and Liam usually climb into his crib when he wakes up and play with him. Between his sippy cup and his biggest brother, Eamon was in heaven...and I actually got a few minutes to myself (to unload the dishwasher--fun!)

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