Friday, May 2, 2008

The World According to Blee

All of the photos this week come courtesy of Liam's camera. He's been getting pretty into it lately. There were literally hundreds of photos in the last couple days, most of which are of various walls but there was an entire study of the backseat of the car from every which angle as well. After a week of wonderful weather where we played outdoors constantly, this dreary week of cold and rain came as a big shock to our system. Liam had been hyperfocused on sporting events recently... a birthday full of bikes and basketball hoops will do that to a fellow. He's actually a really agile little athlete with a good throwing arm and pretty decent aim for a tot his size. He LOVES playing "batter batter baseball" and using his "baseball glub (glove)" most of all.

A shot of "Big" using his "look and listen scope" to eek out which of the many flavors of ice cream he was going to choose. In the end, they ALWAYS get vanilla with rainbow sprinkles, but the thought process behind that choice is AGONIZING (mostly for Mommy).

Our local ice cream place just opened up for summer and the boys wanted their mug taken with EIEIO, the resident oil-tank-turned-gigantic-working-piggy-bank. I'd like to get my hands on the proceeds from that little porker myself.

Eamon on his first solo ride down the slide.

"Big" and "Tiny" going tandem.

Eamon just cackles and cackles on the swing, the higher the better!

Liam finally gets in front of lens on a fast ride down the "tall slide" (they have names for all the slides on the local playground. "Tall", "Curly", "Tuby", "Racing", etc...)

Liam just HAD to take his flying chicken to the playground where he was up to his usual hijinks.

Captain Colin, the climbing master. His First Matey Liam is actually afraid of this "pirate ladder" so he photographed instead.

Erin spent the weekend with us and Liam snapped her from his vantage point in his car seat. Now they ask everyday when Erin is coming back, but alas, there's another month until school is out for summer and their cousins can spoil the boys on any day of the week.

Looking down at his Froggy Feet.

What Liam must see whenever he is strapped into his seat.

Whenever Liam gets sleepy in the car, I ask him if he's getting "dreamy". He will never admit to sleepiness and always tells me he's "counting the trees from his window". According to this photo, maybe he really is!

Little piggy toes.

This was one of the very first photos Liam took with his camera. Of course, the subject matter contains his two favorite things: "tivvee" and "Land Before Time".

Still Life with Laundry.
It never ceases to amaze me what the boys think is photo-worthy. Here's some towels in the laundry bag waiting to be put away. There's a future yet as a set-designer for some homey magazine... if BatterBatterBaseball doesn't pan out, that is.

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