Saturday, February 9, 2008

Miscellaneous Tidbits

Nothing big, but lots of little things happening around here this week. Big fun for the kids, but honestly, everything is fun for them. They look forward to grocery shopping at the "balloon store" (Trader Joe's), they love putting laundry in the washer, being "allowed" to unload the dishwasher is a thrill, brushing their teeth is akin to having dessert and Liam begs to feed the dog (and now the new fish too). If only all my "chores" were so pleasurable!

We celebrated Clara's 6th birthday this past week with presents and treats. Want to keep your kids busy and happy for an hour? Give them limitless tissue paper and scotch tape. They were so proud that they wrapped all Clara's present by themselves. And the joy of having a dog is that you get to OPEN her presents for her when you're done!

Poor Clara. The boys insisted it wasn't a real birthday party without hats and spent their craft time making one for her as well. I insisted they at least make it pink since we see so little of that around here! Clara was a good sport about it, probably because she knew she was going to get all the bone-shaped cookies we made. (Hint: there is only so much fat and sugar you can take out of peanut butter cookies before they taste like dog biscuits. The good news is, Clara gave two paws up to our too-healthy recipe.)

While buying new chew toys for Clara at the pet store, we also replenished our fish supply. We let the boys name them all by themselves. True to their ice-cream-loving nature, Liam chose Rainbow and Colin chose Sprinkle. Then they ran out of ideas. Chris suggested Jimmie which I thought was great, but it was vetoed by the munchkins in favor of Gumdrop.

Eamon had his 10 month old well-check at the pediatrician and I used it as Liam's monthly "alone" outing to ClayTime where he could paint some pottery. I know he wasn't really "alone" with me, but Eamon is so perfect all the time that he napped in the stroller through most of it and scarfed down crackers through the rest so he didn't interrupt the flow of Liam's creative juices at all.

This is how I found Eamon after one of his naps this week. Finally pulling himself up to standing in his crib. It begins... He also started crawling like an "average" baby this week. Actually up on his knees rather than the mixture of rolling/scooting/scuttling he's been doing for ages. He's still faster at scooting than crawling though so he's not a fan of the "real" crawl so far! He weighed in at 21 lbs and 29 inches. Perfectly "mediocre" in the 50th percentile. He sure isn't mediocre with his looks though! Could you GET any happier or cuter than that???

I bought the boys their Easter outfits yesterday and after their Tie Tutorial with Daddy a couple weeks back, I just had to do Chris proud and buy them their own ties. And matching hats. And matching socks. And matching linen shirts. The big boys have been wearing them all day so far. I think they look quite stunning with their pajamas... it's only a matter of time until GQ calls them for a photo shoot.

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FG18 said...

the easter ties, hats and pjs are the best part:)

but then, i also love meghan and carrie time at claytime! we need a date!