Thursday, February 21, 2008

Love is in the air...

and in the kitchen and the craft table and the easel....

This past week the kids filled their days with Valentine Preparations in a big way. Colin wrote out all of his Valentines for his classmates and his cousins by himself. He's getting to be quite the little writer. He also is REALLY into reading on his own right now and thanks to Tessy and Tab, he can read 95% of their books all by himself which he is SO proud of (for once, a personality trait comes out that Chris and I BOTH want to take credit for!). He's also been doing puzzles constantly this week and this morning exclaimed (out of the blue), "I'm a genius!" (never wanting for modesty, our boy). Liam has been really into painting this week and he's obsessed with his new harmonica (more to come on that little prize). Eamon... well, Eamon is just all over the place. His main focus is trying to master the stair between the family room and kitchen (so he can get to the most fascinating toy of all... the DISHWASHER.) He is crawling and cruising on everything and is full of bumps and bruises to prove it (he's already chipped a tooth and taken the edge of the coffee table square in the face a few times).

Colin learned the fine art of decoupage while the little ones napped and made a box for his preschool teachers. What could be more fun four a four year old than tissue paper and glue??

The finished product! Colin absolutely adores his preschool teachers and after this gift, we're pretty sure he's on top of their list as well!

The box of course, wasn't just for show, we filled it with truffles handmade by the Little Baker Boy. Colin helped roll them and was the "Official sprinkle topper" after they got a coating of melted chocolate. Mmm... how do I get a job at his preschool???

While Colin was off spreading the love at school Liam got busy making heart-shaped chocolate muffins for Grammy and Grampy. We're not sure how much chocolate made it into the muffins as most of it ended up being worn by Choc-o-master.

One of Liam's weekly masterpieces. This is one of the first times he hasn't gotten so crazed that the painting ended up black or brown. I was particularly impressed with his restraint... though moments after it was proclaimed "perfect" by the artist, he did add the sweeping green hand-print at the bottom.

Cupid hits the floor for some crawling time.

The endless cold rain this week meant the kids had to burn off some steam inside. Here's Liam completing the "through the table" leg of the obstacle course set up around the house.

Our California-lovin' friend Silas sent some sweet toys for the boys. Eamon thought it was almost as much fun to eat his new snake as drag it around the house with him! Colin loved his stamps too, thanks, guys! He had to show them off immediately when his pal Chad came over for a playdate this week.

Liam scored a real treasure from Silas in his "monica" as he calls it. He loves it. He plays it most of the day, demands to take it everywhere with him, including Grammy's (sorry Grampy -- time to take out your new hearing aid!) and even cuddles with it in his bed at night. He's actually pretty great at it and it's not nearly as annoying as the Irish whistles at Grammy's house so that's music to our ears!

Eamon. By Colin.
Colin got a hold of my camera and took this strange-yet-lovely-lit photo of his favorite baby. He did indeed capture the joyful little guy. NO ONE makes Eamon smile the way Colin does!

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ELK said...

Wow, Silas is impressed that his overtures were blog worthy! (And he apologizes for any ear trauma inflicted by little "Monica") We also want to know how you made such spectacular truffles!