Monday, January 28, 2008

Back to Reality

Shortly after we returned from vacation, our days of complete lollygagging came to an end as I started up a new semester at school and Colin got his own little nose back to the grindstone (because preschool is serious business, of course). At any rate, our last days of complete "freedom" were well-spent.

First off, Eamon had his very first haircut, a major milestone of all our furry boys at about this juncture in life. Being the third, I of course, forgot to bring the camera to the hair salon. He was superbly behaved and only squeaked once when he got buzzed along the back of his ragamuffin neck.

Transformed from shaggy to chic!

Between the penguins we saw in Montreal and an Arctic project Colin started at school this week... igloos seemed to be on the big boys minds recently. So we spent a morning out building our own. Then they spent the rest of the day firing snowballs at it, trying to knock it down. Poor Colin did lament that the slightly warmer weather melted it a few days later, but it was fun while it lasted.

By the time it was done, you could just BARELY see the tip of Liam's hat poking over the top of the "snowball house" as he called it! In all honesty, I just didn't have the engineering skills to figure out how to enclose the roof so we left it topless. I really need to study up on my Inuit trades, I guess.

No week of fun could be complete without a trip to Chuck E Cheese. Here Liam and Ana had a battle of the sexes at the fire hose game. Liam spent 90% of his tokens on this game and the rest on basketball--unfortunately he was about four feet too short to have a prayer of getting a shot in the basket, but that didn't bother him a bit.

Colin has a penchant for roller coasters and he and Bradley tried out every single course on this virtual ride. How many years left until I have to worry about him out on the real deal?

Fierce competition at air hockey. At least it kept them
from beating each other up... momentarily.

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cmarnold said...

The igloo took a virtual beating with a few days of slightly warmer weather but it took a literal beating three days ago when daddy worked from home and needed a little break.

Warm jackets on...check.
Snow boots on...check.

We all trudged up the hill in the backyard and the two older boys mounted their sleds (belly-down, of course...better aerodynamics) and proceeded to slide on down, repeatedly mashing the igloo.

I'm growing nervous at the thought of any of the boys being drawn toward an engineering education and discovering pumpkin chunkin or WORSE.