Thursday, December 20, 2007

Things We've Learned This Week

1.) Eight hours straight of shopping with Mommy is too long. 2.) It is fun to run around Mommy's work being loud. 3.) Parchment paper makes excellent treasure maps. 4.) Peppermint meringue frosting is yummy but requires lots of eggs. 5.) Grampy is a hero for bringing emergency egg rations to his baker boys. 6.) Sledding is fun, but a whole lot MORE fun with hot chocolate, marshmallows and friends. 7.) Red blankets make the best super hero capes. 8.) It's hard to take pictures of a lit Christmas tree.

Our best shot of Colin's personal tree. You can ALMOST see his grin in the background.

Liam was so good while shopping that he got the Underdog movie as a treat.
Colin then morphed into Underdog for the entire day.

Liam wasn't keen on sledding but did roll around a lot and dig with his shovel.

Colin and Bradley had fun being co-pilots on the new rocket sleds.

Ana provided both a smile and some welcome pink to the landscape!

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